The Christal House Open is coming!

The Christal House Golf Tournament at the Breckenridge Golf Course is June 11thOn Monday June 11th Breckenridge Grand Vacations is hosting the Christel House Open at the Breckenridge Golf Course. The proceeds from this golf tournament benefit the Christel House. The Christel House is an organization whose mission is helping children around the world break the cycle of poverty and is a charity that has been embraced by the timeshare industry nationwide. Started by businesswoman and philanthropist Christel DeHaan the Christel House is a series of learning centers around the world that strives to give children the tools to better their lives through education.

After just ten years of operation, the Christel House serves over 3000 students, their families and communities.  Christel House employs more than 250 dedicated professionals who help our children optimize their potential to achieve productive, self-sufficient lives.

Christel House builds and operates learning centers in impoverished neighborhoods with the goal of creating sustainable social and educational impact. The Christel House approach includes quality education, nutritious meals, regular healthcare, life skills training, character development and work-study opportunities, as well as empowerment programs for parents and community members. At Christel House, children are taught the importance of caring, sharing and making a difference. As a result, the positive lessons learned by Christel House children are carried home, to impact the families and communities they serve.

At Breckenridge Grand Vacations we encourage you to learn more about the Christel House’s efforts at breaking the cycle of poverty here at home and around the world. For more information on the Christel House Open and all that this great charity does to help children visit

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