Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

Letter from the Construction Manager

  • We have poured the concrete for 3F and 4F, Phase 2
  • The steel roof is 95% complete
  • The Phase 3 steel is approximately 55% complete
  • The roofers will begin drying in the roof next week
  • The elevator company is on-site to begin installation of elevators 1 and 2
  • The drywall work continues in the residential areas, 2F – 4F
  • The sliding glass doors in the residential units are being installed
  • The framing is complete on 5F and the Sales Center
  • We are spraying the fireproofing in Phase 2 now
  • The concrete work continues in the pool area in preparation for the pool installers

Deb Norton
Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Construction Manager


Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

6.7.15_4 6.7.15_7 6.7.15_11Construction on Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is well underway. As of June 30 the following has been taking place:

  • Concrete work will be complete in Phase 1 over the next 2 – 3 weeks
  • Steel is set through Phase 2 and we have started on 1F and 2F in Phase 3
  • The framing is 90% complete in the Phase 1 residential units, 2F – 5F
  • We began hanging drywall in the residential units, 2F
  • Fireplaces are being installed in the residential units, 2F – 3F
  • The windows continue to be installed
  • Exterior fascia and window trim is being installed in Phase 1
  • Work will begin in earnest on the pools, etc. within a couple of weeks


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Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

May was an exceptionally wet month full of rain, hail and even snow! But even with the above average precipitation we are happy to report that we were able to keep working and look forward to continual progress in June and July with the installation of the doors, windows and drywall. These changes will start bringing Grand Colorado on Peak 8 to life.  Before you know it, we will be opening those doors and welcoming you home.

Construction Progress Updates:

  • The structural steel is 98 percent complete in phase one and 80 percent complete in phase two.
  • The windows and doors are being installed.
  • Floors 2 and 3 are scheduled for their mechanical rough inspections by July 1 and drywall installation will follow.
  • Installing the pool shells and mechanical are to commence in July.
  • We started the exterior wood siding.

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

GC86GC85Letter from the Project Coordinator

With summer on the way, the warmer weather has allowed us to make a lot of progress on the structural steel. We are looking forward to minimal interruptions this summer, with only afternoon showers to think about, and encourage you to head up to the base of Peak 8 to see all of our progress!

Property Updates:

  • We are putting up the structural steel for phase 2 and the phase 1 triangle that contains the plaza and terrace units, the restaurant and the ski lockers.
  • Mechanical and electrical rough-in are close to completion on floor 2 and continues on the upper floors.
  • The doors, windows and exterior sheathing of phase 1 is 95 percent complete.
  • We have confirmed the exterior material selection and this work will begin in the month of May.

Deb Norton
Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Project Coordinator


Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

We’re proud to say that construction at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is on track! The warm weather and bluebird skies have been to our advantage allowing us to make continual progress on your dream resort!  Here are a few updates from the past month:

 Phase 1:

  • We have started the exterior sheathing on the 3rd floor
  • We have begun the roofing insulation
  • We have started installing the windows and sliding doors in the residential units
  • The interior metal framing is 90 percent complete in the residential units
  • The boilers have arrived
  • The main electrical panels are being installed
  • The installation of scaffolding is complete
  • The exterior metal framing is complete

 Phase 2:

  • We have started the concrete flatwork on the 1st floor
  • The structural steel is complete throughout the 1st floor

Deb Norton
Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Project Coordinator


Grand Colorado Progress Pictures: