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Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta

The Grand Luxxe is part of the Interval International (II) network and part of the BGV II resort highlight series. 

We are in the heart of winter and, although many of us are still praying to Uller for snow, some of us are dreaming of warmer climates. Perhaps because there’s nothing better than a quick getaway to a beach far removed from the single-digit temperatures of your morning commute. To answer our call for a warm sun and fresh margarita, allow us to introduce to you the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta.

You certainly can’t go wrong with reserving a room at the Grand Luxxe. Recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award, the Grand Luxxe is the apex of comfort and opulence, built along the Ameca River and hidden amid the Sierra Madres. There you will find excellent views from one of the nine towers of accommodations and pools. Would you like to float through a lazy river that winds through the resort? They have that covered. Do you need a water slide for your little ones? Yep, covered. Or would you like to soak and relax and
take in the surroundings? Then try the serenity of one of their rooftop pools.

It doesn’t stop there, either, for the resort also has a plethora of activities you can participate in, including paddle boarding, salsa lessons and water volleyball. Additionally, there are two golf courses to test your swing. Finally, when it comes to dining you’ll have options from seven five-star restaurants to casual and in-room dining options. So next time you need to escape from the grind of winter, remember the Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta and add some fun in the sun to your vacation.

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Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas

The Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas is part of the Interval International (II) network and part of the BGV II resort highlight series.  As much as we all love Breckenridge and Summit County, it’s sometimes nice to venture out and try something new. Colorado is a big place and there’s more than one mountain to shred […]

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Marriott’s Grande Vista

Marriott’s Grande Vista is part of the Interval International (II) network and part of the BGV II resort highlight series.  As much as we all love Breckenridge and Summit County, it’s sometimes nice to venture out and try something new. Colorado is a big place and there’s more than one mountain to shred and hike. […]


Cabo Azul

Cabo Azul is part of the Interval International (II) network and part of the BGV II resort highlight series. 


Many of you have likely vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, well known and popular for its beauty, its many activities on, off, and under the water, and its exciting night life. Still, one shouldn’t ignore the lesser-recognized resorts on the Baja Peninsula. Indeed, there is much to be said for the vacation haunts in Cabo San Jose, better known as San Jose del Cabo. Among these, one that prominently stands out is Cabo Azul, a spectacular resort reminiscent architecturally of an imposing Spanish castle of old, but one dedicated to leisure and fun rather than conflict.

The first thing you see as you approach the Cabo Azul Resort are the massive French wooden doors etched in a style inspired by 18th century Spanish Colonial architecture. In fact, you will see many beautiful, hand-crafted carvings throughout the property—the Front Desk, for example, or the gloriously large torches that provide ample after-dark lighting.

Once inside the Villas at Cabo Azul—which come in one and two-bedroom varieties with modern, fully equipped kitchens—you’ll be struck by the sleek décor of their spacious accommodations, perfect for entertainment, comfort, and convenience. In the bedroom, you’ll enjoy a roomy king-size bed and, in some Villas, have a chance to let your cares evaporate in the in-room soaker tub. By all means, open the glass doors to the balcony, enjoy the ocean views, and let in the gentle, warm coastal breeze to add to the relaxing effect.

Speaking of water, Cabo Azul boasts impressive aquatic amenities—five pools that include a tri-level, ocean-edge infinity one. Among these is the convenient “swim-up” poolside bar with a stellar selection of margaritas and cocktails. Around all of them, should you need a respite from sunbathing, swimming, or water sports, are lovely cabanas that provide cool shade and comfortable lounge chairs.

Last, but certainly not least, if you venture to Cabo Azul you must try the on-site five-star eatery, Javier’s Restaurant, which offers authentic home-style Mexican Cuisine “bursting with colors and flavors” and enhanced by amazing beach views.


Interval International Lingo

Interval International Lingo

Comprehending and understanding all facets of Interval International’s services can be intimidating. Understanding the basic fundamentals and terms associated with your Interval International membership can be a great start to maximizing the value you gain from their services. Below are a few brief explanations of Interval International’s most common terms and types of reservations:

Deposit: (verb) This is when you take your week at your home resort and put it into the Interval International (II) system, and in return a week is put on your account to be used within two years of the original check-out. (noun) We refer to the week on your account as a “deposit”.

Exchange: (verb) This is when you take your deposited week and utilize it to book a stay through the Interval International network. (noun) We then refer to the stay you booked as an exchange.

Getaway: These are week long rentals available through the II network. On average they can cost between $150 to $2,500 depending on the week, resort, and unit size you are interested in.

Bonus Week/Accommodation Certificate: (noun) An extra week of vacation provided to you by Interval International or your home resort. These are generally going to be based on a travel grid of II’s extra inventory, and will cost between $250 and $400 depending on what size unit you book.

ShortStay: (noun) This option is available only to individuals with a Gold membership or Club Interval Gold membership. This is where you can split your full week traditional deposit into two short stays, ranging from 1 to 6 nights each. Points deposited through the Club Interval Gold membership can be used to book short stays of various point values based on time of year, resort, and size of unit.

Hopefully these terms can serve as a helpful reminder or a basic foundation for your future actions and conversations regarding your Interval International membership.

Tip of the month: As an owner with Breckenridge Grand Vacations, you have access to a team of individuals within the Owner Relations department that serve as your personal advisors for all things Interval International related. These Interval International Liaisons have access to your ownership at your home resort, as well as your II account. They can be reached Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MT at 877-453-4440, option 1, and then option 3.

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Interval International: Charity Weeks

Do you have one or more weeks on your Interval International account that you won’t be able to use? Sometimes, our lives get busy and it becomes difficult to take multiple vacations every year. But, did you know that you can donate your week to a charitable organization?

Breckenridge Grand Vacations partners with several different charities that are constantly looking for donations in hopes of making grand vacations for those in need!

Donating to a charity is a fantastic way to put expiring Interval vacation weeks to good use. All you need to do is contact our Interval International Support Department and let us know that you’d like to donate your week(s). Breckenridge Grand Vacations has generously offered to cover all exchange fees for charity weeks, so there are no out-of-pocket costs to you (unless your week is set to expire within 60 days). Some of the many charities we work with include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity
  • The Lauren Project
  • Wounded Warrior Foundation

To get more information on donating your week, you may either give us a call or send us an email at bgvcharityproject@breckgv.com. Our office is open Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time at 877-453-4440.