The Benefits of Working for Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Breckenridge Grand Vacations' employees spending time restoring trails for the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District

BGV employees restoring the PEaks Trail for the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District

What’s it like to work for an employer that considers you more than just a number? It’s Grand; just ask any employee at Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV). Not only do the Owners/ Developers of BGV take the time to know each of their 500 plus employees by name, but they also make sure that their employees and employees’ families, as well as the community, are well taken care of. Any BGV employee who is scheduled to work more than 20 hours per week is eligible for benefits. Yes, you read that right!

BGV is known as a choice employer in Summit County, and offers the sweetest benefits package of them all. For those employees working 20 hours or more per week, their benefits include full medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as generous amounts of paid time off, paid time to volunteer, 401k contribution matching and tuition reimbursement. Additional benefits and perks include life and disability insurance, parking pass reimbursements, reimbursements for activities that promote health and wellness, an employee assistance fund to help employees in emergency financial situations, global travel benefits and services, referral bonuses, and other substantial discounts at a variety of local merchants.

But, the BGV Owners/ Developers, Mike Millisor and Mike Dudick didn’t stop there.

Working for BGV gives you access to exclusive perks like medallion ski pass usage, chances to go to Rockies, Avalanche and Nuggets games, AND they have an impressive box suite at the Pepsi Center, where they encourage employees to attend concerts in luxury, for FREE! Aside from that, BGV is known for throwing the best holiday party in the county, and probably the largest one, too. Open bar? Check! Gourmet meals? Check! Employee recognition awards? Check! Dance party with a live band? You know it!

Oh, and did we mention that once you work for BGV, you are part of the BGV family for life. And, not to toot our own horn, but we are the most fun, caring, hard-working, and friendliest group of people that you could ever meet. We can’t wait to welcome you to the BGV family, so apply today!!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

With temperatures dropping and snow falling, taking a break from the cold temperatures is a must! From catching a new movie, taking a dance lesson to trying out your artistic side, there are endless options. Take a look at some of our recommended ways to warm up and try something new!

Green Tip

When making plans for retirement, sustainability may not be at the top of your list. Yet sustainability has become a top priority for an increasing number of retirees, and demand for “green” retirement communities is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. While anyone can install sustainable features in their home, many find great appeal in the ability to move into ready-made senior housing that has been built around features like solar or wind power, natural light, nontoxic furnishings, Energy Star appliances and low-flow toilets. Some communities even include the opportunity to produce food via gardens for veggies, bee hives for honey and/or berry bushes for dessert.

Facilities like this are admittedly few at the moment, and most are located in the U.S. Northeast or Northwest; some have five-year waiting lists. But as with anything, demand will stimulate supply, so if a green retirement appeals to you, start shopping now—or start your own green community!


Owners Only

With ski season right around the corner, it’s time to dust off your winter gear, get the skis tuned, and prepare to make some wonderful Breckenridge memories. With the tree lighting, Dew Tour, Ullr Fest, Mardi Gras and Spring Fever, the town is always bustling with people. From snowmobiling to cross-country skiing, there is a little […]

Five Ways to Green Your Next Resort Vacation

Taking a resort vacation does not mean your eco-friendly habits have to vacation as well. Reducing your carbon footprint can easily be achieved by making a few behavioral changes during your travels. Here are six ways to help you green your next resort vacation.

  1. Make Smart Travel Plans

Planes, trains, automobiles, on foot, or by sea—there are plenty of ways to travel around these days. The least eco-friendly option is by plane, but if you have to fly, search for airlines that are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. Southwest Airlines, for example, is taking measures to eliminate excess waste in their company and on flights.

Train travel has a surprising low carbon footprint. So if you have extra time to arrive at your destination, it might be worth booking a ticket—not to mention that traveling by train gives you the chance to really enjoy the scenery around you.

If you and your family plan to travel by road, consider renting a hybrid vehicle for the trip. This helps you reduce your gasoline usage, which, depending on the length of the trip, might actually make up for the cost of the rental itself.

  1. Use Public Transportation

Once you arrive at your destination, stay at a resort with easy access to public transportation. All of our BGV resorts are on free shuttle routes and the Town of Breckenridge offers a free trolley and bus service for guests and visitors.

Another service to explore is bicycle rental programs. Many cities—Denver for one—offer them. Renting a bike is a great way to go sightseeing as well as explore some locations you might miss by walking around or taking a car.

  1. Buy Local

Live local, buy local, be local. Check out farmers’ markets to purchase supplies for a picnic lunch, and choose souvenirs from local artisans and vendors. Not only are you supporting the area’s economy, but you’re reducing your carbon footprint because the goods you purchase aren’t being packaged and shipped from the corners of the earth.

Green Chef, a Denver-based company, makes it easy to eat locally grown Colorado foods and delivers them to your door. Green Chef can also deliver their organic food boxes to any of our BGV resorts.

  1. Choose Resorts with Green Programs

Before you book, call the resort’s front desk and ask if they have a green program. Many resorts provide tips and resources to guests on how to reduce their environmental impact while staying with them.

Did you know you can make your BGV vacation GRAND and GREEN! Be sure to participate in BGV’s Sustainable Stays program, which is available at all our resorts. Want to be green but not fully commit to the program? Simply hang the “I Want to Conserve” sign outside your residence door, letting staff know you’ll be reusing your towels, which conserves both water and energy.

  1. Bring Your Reusables

Bring or buy reusable shopping bags. Or the next time you’re at one of our resorts, participate in our Sustainable Stays program. You’ll receive a complimentary reusable bag with your participation. Reusable bags are another small way to cut down on the unnecessary plastic waste that pollutes our lands and waters.

Reusable water bottles are another great way to cut back on plastics. Most plastic bottles end up in landfills and take decades to break down. Bringing your own water bottle ensures that you’re helping to eliminate plastic waste. All of our BGV resorts have refillable water bottle stations, and we encourage you to be another number. Each time you fill your bottle, you’ll see how many plastic bottles have been diverted from our waste stream.

So while you may be on vacation, the planet is not. Let’s help keep it grand and green for us and for the future.

Yours in Sustainability,

Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Green Tip

Want to know how to make Thanksgiving better—and healthier? Eat organic. While scientists continue to debate the value of choosing organic foods over conventionally raised products, there is no doubt that eating organic is better for the environment. Organic production doesn’t pollute drinking water or air, and it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Add to this the possibility that organic is healthier, and the choice should be clear. What better way to express thanks for the blessings of our planet than to use this day to take better care of it?