View from the Bottom

New Artwork at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8! Those of you who have been owners with us for a long time know that with each resort we’ve built, we have increased the range of amenities and services to accommodate your needs. We strive to make our resorts the best they can possibly be, to […]

Day Use Parking Benefits

Day Use parking is a hot commodity during the winter, but don’t forget about all the perks of covered free parking during the spring, summer and fall. We have eight great reasons why you should be using Day Use parking this summer:

  1. It’s free! With the new paid parking on Main Street and most parking lots, this is an extra big benefit and a great way to save some money.
  2. Have fun in the sun. Come up and enjoy some time around the pools, play some lawn games and grill yourself an amazing lunch. All of these options are available for Day Use and will give the whole family a much-needed day of R&R.
  3. Take advantage of the Day Use lunch rooms to store your lunch, snacks, drinks and any other items you brought along for the day.
  4. Stay dry. With afternoon showers, you can stay nice and dry while going to and from your vehicle. You also have a great spot to wait out the rain, while playing games, grabbing lunch, or catching up on some reading.
  5. Beat the traffic. Come up early or stay late soaking in the hot tubs and pools while you wait for the traffic to ease.
  6. Take advantage of the Activities department and book a discounted activity with them. You can also participate in any activities taking place on-property while you are at your resort, just make sure to RSVP in advance.
  7. Earn Reward Dollars. Add an update tour to your Day Use parking and earn Reward Dollars to use toward your HOAs, the spas, on-property restaurants and even toward Interval International exchanges.
  8. Bring your friends. Day Use is a fantastic opportunity to bring friends and family up to share the perks of your ownership. You can bring a maximum of seven additional guests and have access to all in-property amenities.

To book your Day Use parking visit www.bgvgrandcentral.com or call the Owner Relations department at 877.453.4440.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fantastic way to get on the water and explore lakes, rivers and ponds located around Summit County. This activity is great for all ages and in some locations you can even bring your dog along with you! There are a variety of ways to try this activity out […]

Interval International Resort Rating System

While browsing the Interval International Resort Directory, I’m sure you have noticed the symbols that are listed next to the resort names and codes:

While every resort in the Interval network must meet certain quality standards and provide you an outstanding vacation experience, some resorts exceed those standards and are therefore recognized with a certain tier rating.

Let’s review a summary of what determines the tiers. The whole process is complex and includes many additional considerations beyond what is listed below. This guide is simply meant to give you an overview of what may determine the ranking.

Consideration is given to the following aspects:

  • Resort location, including beachfront, ski-in/ski-out, and close proximity to key area attractions;
  • Size, style, and other features of accommodations, such as Wi-Fi accessibility, cable or satellite television, Hi-def television, in-unit washer and dryer, and high-grade upholstery;
  • Kitchen and Dining facilities, focusing on appliance packages, size of microwave and refrigerator, marble or granite countertops, gourmet cookware, high-quality china, and dining furnishings;
  • Bedroom and bathroom outfitting, such as king-sized bed in master bedroom, brand-name pillow-top mattress, triple-sheeted bedding package, and thread count of sheets;
  • On-site amenities and recreational facilities, such as water features, pools, hot tubs, and surroundings, fitness center, restaurant, snack bar, and possibly a designer-branded golf course;
  • Security and safety, including Front Desk staffed 24/7 and 24-hour security with gated entrance, inviting and well-marked resort entrance, lush and mature landscaping throughout the resort, and well-maintained buildings and grounds with like-new finishes.

The individual tiers are distinguished by the following symbols:


An Elite Resort is identified by the blue lotus and is considered the very best of Interval’s network providing exceptional service and luxurious features and amenities. All Elite Resorts are subject to periodic inspection to reconfirm their continued eligibility and ongoing participation in this program. Our very own Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and the new Grand Colorado on Peak 8 resorts are categorized as Elite Resorts.


Premier Resorts are identified by the golden laurel leaf, which represents a symbol of distinction, high standards, and status. These resorts continuously and reliably provide an outstanding vacation experience, with state-of-the-art conveniences and modern amenities. Our Grand Timber Lodge is considered a Premier Resort.

Premier Boutique

There is a subcategory in the Premier tier that provides accommodations in desirable locations but may have limited on-site amenities. A new Premier Boutique resort in Branson, Missouri, is D’Monaco Private Residence Club.


The silver pineapple indicates an Interval Select Resort, reflecting hospitality, friendliness, and a warm welcome. Those resorts are generally very comfortable and provide a more homelike atmosphere, but might not offer amenities such as an outdoor pool or on-site restaurants. Our Gold Point Condominium facility is considered a Select Resort with townhome-style accommodations.

Select Boutique

The Select tier also has a subcategory, the Select Boutique Resorts. These are homelike accommodations in wonderful locations, but with limited on-site amenities. Some of these Select Boutique Resorts may be located in cities or residential areas. An example of a Select Boutique resort is the Hotel Boutique Las Escaleras in San Cristobal de las Casas in the State of Chiapas, Mexico.

Select, Premier, and Elite tier recognition is established and re-examined annually through resort-wide inspections conducted by Interval International specialists. The resort’s Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is also taken into account, which means that your post-travel survey responses are very important for a resort’s status. Good reviews in combination with the annual exam results can upgrade a resort to the next higher tier, while numerous bad reviews might move a resort to the next lower tier.


Preferred Residences

In addition to the tiers described above, Interval is now also offering a new program in conjunction with Preferred Residences, a hospitality branding program for luxury resorts and private residence clubs. Resorts that participate in this program have unique branding opportunities to promote their upscale vacation residences. The program was designed to appeal to the affluent consumer and provides valuable leisure and lifestyle benefits with comprehensive service solutions for owners and vacationers at these resorts. As an example, consider the Blue Residences in Oranjestad, Aruba, which is a new member and Preferred Residences resort.

We emphasize that resorts that are not rated with one of these descriptors are not low-quality destinations. They may be new to the Interval network and may not yet have achieved a rating, or they may not yet have received the necessary CSI responses. We recommend conducting research prior to booking an exchange to a non-rated resort and consider third-party sites such as TripAdvisor to review customer ratings.

If you have any questions regarding any Interval program, please feel free to reach out to us at 877-453-4440. We are always happy to assist you.

Green Tip

To prevent the spread of infection, wash your hands with plain old soap.  Anti-bacterial soaps are no better at killing bacteria and microbes, and their active ingredient, triclosan, has been linked to liver toxicity and disruption of thyroid function.  Anti-bacterial soaps may also encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and triclosan often ends up in lakes and rivers where it is very toxic to aquatic life.  Stick with the kind of pure soap Grandma used, with no chemicals and only natural scents, and use it often.


August Event Rundown

Mark your calendar for one or all of these great events taking place this August! Bring Fido along for the canine 4k or take the kids to one of the many amazing art installations during the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts.