Trail Highlight: Flume Loop

This 6.5 mile trail system is located in the Highlands residential area. It consists of lower, middle and upper flume singletrack trails. This ride is great for all bike riding levels, but there are a few steep loose climbs that can be a bit difficult for beginners. The loops is a well marked loop and can be ridden in either direction.

Parking: There isn’t a trailhead parking lot, but you can park across the road at the Recreation Center. For detailed directions go here.

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Trail Highlight: Peaks Trail

The Peaks Trail is an extremely well known trail in Breckenridge. Located at up Ski Hill Road right beside Grand Lodge on Peak 7 you will find biking and hiking for all. This 15.6 miles trail stretches from Breckenridge to Frisco. There are uphills, technical sections and some easy flat sections. You can do the whole trail or just go out for a shorter hike. Either route will provide great views, good activity and maybe even some wildlife spotting.


Weekend Preview: Kingdom Days & Frisco BBQ

This weekend is going to be a busy one, with Kingdom Days and the Frisco BBQ the street will be buzzing with people. Each event has a special history with Summit County and plenty to offer for all ages.

10426601_10152458692819029_151422778033434695_nFrisco BBQ Challenege: June 18-20 | Main Street, Frisco, CO

The Frisco BBQ is a local favorite and a perfect opportunity to stuff yourself with way to much BBQ and since calories don’t count on vacation the timing couldn’t be better. BBQ masters from all over the US make their way here to show off their best pork, ribs, BBQ sauce and talent. Between bites of food you can watch the pig racing (which is adorable if you like watching little pigs jump over hurdles), listen to live music or just make your way to the next scrumptious food stand. Hogbacks will be your form of currency and they can be purchased at multiple stands throughout Main Street. Credit cards are accepted for Hogback purchase. Parking is difficult to find due to the number of people at this event. We would encourage all guests staying in Breckenridge to use the Summit Stage, ride a bike or take Uber to get to this event. For more information about the Frisco BBQ go here.


image1Kingdom Days: June 19-21 | Main Street, Breckenridge, CO

There was a small period in time where Breckenridge was accidentally not included on maps. To locals this made the town extra special because their gem of a living location was now their own special kingdom that no one knew of, leading to referencing Breckenridge as the Kingdom. We take a weekend every year to celebrate this accident by bringing back the old traditions of gold panning, historic dress, and outhouse races (okay that isn’t really an old tradition). You can also participate in historical tours, hiking tours, distillery tours, and much more. For a full list of events go here.


Trail Highlight: Betty’s Trail

Betty’s Trail is located 3/4 miles up French Gulch on the north side of the road. This .9 mile singletrack trail climbs through multiple switchback and then descends back to French Gulch. If you continue east, you make your way across a paved road to Gold Run Road.

This trail is also pet friendly and great for a short hike with a furry friend.


Club Interval Gold Points Chart

Thinking about depositing your week as points with Interval International? Make sure to reference the  Club Interval Points Chart to make sure you are booking a week with the highest point value in your season. If you know you only want to deposit your week then call to book a week on the edges of the points windows for an easier booking process!

Have additional questions? Contact our Interval International Liaisons at 877-453-4440, option 1 and then option 3.
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GP Points Chart

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