Green Tip

Managing your windows can help conserve heat in your home and cut down on heating costs.  Open window coverings on south-facing windows to take advantage of solar warming, but keep window coverings closed on rooms that receive no direct sunlight to insulate from the cold transmitted by windows.  Cellular shades are particularly good at insulating, and they look good and are relatively inexpensive.

A Grand Adventure

Spruce the Moose, Timber Fox, Goldie Bear and Breck Inn Buffalo…what do these names have in common? They are each a mascot for one of the properties at Breckenridge Grand Vacations! Did you know that they are all currently on a Grand Adventure? Be a part of this adventure next time you are on property.

You can check out a mascot at the concierge desk on property and capture your adventures with them in Breckenridge! To add to their story,  post your pictures to Instagram with one of the following hashtags:





We look forward to seeing what adventures you will take them on!

The Adventures of #GL7SprucetheMoose

The Adventures of #GTLTimberFox

The Adventures of #GPGoldieBear

The Adventures of #BreckInnBuffalo