Gold Point Property Information

January was another fantastic month at Gold Point Resort! There have been a few large snow storms, which has allowed the team to practice with the UTV plow. It has been a great success.


Resort Recycling

Recycling is the number one action we can do to help improve the environment and make our vacations a little more Grand and a whole lot greener. Breckenridge Grand Vacations has set a five-percent increase in landfill diversion goals for 2018 with an overall 15-percent increase by 2020. Color-coding techniques have been proven to reduce contamination in […]

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Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas

The Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas is part of the Interval International (II) network and part of the BGV II resort highlight series.  As much as we all love Breckenridge and Summit County, it’s sometimes nice to venture out and try something new. Colorado is a big place and there’s more than one mountain to shred […]

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Snowmobile Tours

photo-jan-25-1-37-50-pmFeeling adventurous? Try snowmobiling with White Mountain Snowmobile Tours or Nova Guides!


White Mountain Snowmobile Tours offers both a prospector tour and a high-performance tour. Whether you’re looking for something family-friendly or an option for beginners, the prospector tour is for you! Guides will take you on a scenic ride through groomed trails with spectacular views of the mountains.

For a more adventurous experience, try the performance tours. This two-hour trip will take you on a faster moving ride with altitudes reaching 10,000–12,600 feet. Whether you are looking for a scenic ride with the family or an adrenaline-pumping performance tour, White Mountain Snowmobile Tours has you covered.

  • High -performance: $140 per person
  • Prospector: $120 per adults |  $65 for ages 7+ | $30 for ages 4-6



Nova Guides tours is another great alternative for experiencing snowmobiling in the Rockies! Enjoy its Camp Hale location with snowmobile tour rides for everyone! The Top of the Rockies half-day or full-day tours are perfect for the ultimate snowmobile experience and include miles of open meadows and beautiful panoramic views of four surrounding mountain ranges. Reach elevations of 12,500 feet on the largest commercial snowmobile trail system!

If you are looking for an introduction to snowmobiling the two-hour Tigiwon tour is the perfect option. You can explore more that 50 miles of groomed trail in the White River National Forest and reach elevations of 10,500 feet!

  • Full-day Top of the Rockies: $375 per driver | $50 per passenger
  • Half- day Top of the Rockies with lunch: $270 per driver | $60 per passenger
  • Half- day Top of the Rockies: $260 per driver | $50 per passenger
  • Tigiwon: $170 per driver | $55 per passenger

These are both GRAND opportunities to add some excitement to your vacation while still being able to take in all the beauty of your surroundings. Snowmobiles will have heated handles and heaters for your feet, but you will still need to dress warmly in your snow gear! Transportation is included in these activities. Please contact your Activities Coordinators for discounts and reservations.