View from the Bottom

MikeThe View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

Most of us spend a lot of time, energy and money making our home a place where we can completely relax, a retreat from the “slings and arrows” and the hectic pace of daily life.  We look forward to vacations, I think, for the same reason.  We want to get away to a place that allows us to rest and recreate – “re-create” in the best sense of that word.  But as many of us have experienced, even the most careful planning does not guarantee a smooth and comfortable vacation.  Trying to find one’s way around unfamiliar settings, adjusting to local customs, even choosing a good restaurant for a special dinner celebration can induce stress into what one has anticipated for months with visions worthy of a travel poster.

Perhaps that is why a recent ARDA survey found that the highest ranked reason timeshare owners cited for satisfaction with their vacation ownership was “My timeshare offers a vacation home away from home” (81%).  That makes so much sense to me.  Especially for owners who vacation regularly at their home resort, they know their way around, the accommodations have a familiar trademark feel, and they recognize many staff members from previous vacations.  And even for those who use the exchange option to vacation in a different location, they can count on the oversight of the exchange organization – such as Interval International – to ensure that the standards of the new destination will compare with the comforts they count on at their home resort.  And they have access to competent and concerned staff members to help them plan favorite activities and special occasions before they ever leave home.

We consider you part of our family, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that each time you stay with us you leave feeling it was the best vacation you have ever had.  But even more than that, we want you to arrive and settle into your condo with the same ease and comfort with which you come home after a day at work, with a slippers-at-the-door-fire-in-the-fireplace kind of anticipation.

So as you plan your next vacation with us, call ahead and let us know what it takes to make you feel like you are home, and we’ll do our best to create that experience.  As it says over the fireplace at Grand Lodge on Peak 7:  Accepti domo estis  Welcome home.

Soaring to New Heights

Breckenridge Grand Vacations Reaches Milestone of 20,000 Owners

Guest Blogger: Ginny Vietti, Vice President of Marketing

thumbnail_20k_owners_w640[1]I wasn’t surprised to learn that our company, Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV) recently reached a new milestone of 20,000 owners.  I see it in the faces of our owners. They are happy to be here. It’s hard to attribute it to any one thing that we do that helped us achieve this milestone. It could be because of our commitment to positively impact the lives of our owners & guests, community and employees.  It could be because of our exceptional properties or the terrific folks that work here.  It’s probably a combination.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations strives to provide the best vacation experience possible. We value our owners as we would our own family members. In fact, we are one big family at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. Our developers are committed to helping families create memories that last a lifetime. This may be another reason that our owners keep coming back, and bringing along their families and friends.

As VP of Marketing for BGV, one great part of my job is hosting our owner events which is one way we say thank you to our owners for being a part of our family. It allows us all the chance to chat and spend time getting to know each other.  It’s wonderful to hear owners like, 71 year old Steve Immer, an owner for 7 years, say, “BGV keeps me young!”



“You Don’t Have to Be a Millionaire to Vacation like One”

Jim Dickey, BGV Family

Our owners (and I must confess our employees too) also enjoy all of the many things a world-renowned ski destination can provide. Breckenridge has more than 3,900 skiable acres, and terrain for all levels. Our Victorian-styled town of Breckenridge features a variety of dining experiences, arts & culture and shopping—all just a short walk away.

Still Growing

For 25 years Breckenridge Grand Vacations has been creating vacations for our owners and guests and we are continuing to do so. The newest addition to our family of resorts, the 59-residence Grand Colorado on Peak 8, will open in the summer of 2016. It will be the pinnacle resort of BGV’s family of resorts offering a “mountain modern” feel while still providing the perfect blend of affordable luxury and amazing adventure in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.  Grand Colorado joins our family of resorts: Gold Point Resort, Grand Timber Lodge and the Grand Lodge on Peak 7.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our family, visit or For a sneak peek of The Grand Colorado on Peak 8, go to