View from the Bottom

The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

About fifteen years ago, we implemented a New Employee Orientation program. Each new employee spends his or her first day on the job learning about the foundation of our company – the BGV culture of customer service – before they move into training for particular job skills and responsibilities. We explore the many dimensions and expectations carried by our company’s passion statement – “Our Family Commitment: Always Grand Vacations.”

A few weeks ago as I sat with about half a dozen new employees at the orientation session, I couldn’t help but wonder what they thought of my emphasis on our passion and commitment to customer service. Did they get it? Did they think it was just lip service, or a show, something to get them pumped up on their first day of work? Did they think I was living in a dream world, removed from the day-to-day challenges of resort staffing? Or just plain hokey?

 In a culture that talks about customer service more often than providing it, maybe I do sometimes go a bit over the top in articulating my passion for creating fantastic vacations. But I also know that I am not the only one with this passion. I know that an increasing number of our employees stay with BGV for years because they have also caught the fever.

Providing great customer service isn’t something we are all born knowing how to do. It takes focus, practice, and learning to anticipate all the little things that go into providing a seamless experience for you, our owners. That is why we start this training from day one, and why I encourage our more experienced employees to mentor the newer ones, as well as to be open to what even they can learn from the newer people. And perhaps most important, I make it clear that if they are approaching their work correctly, they will learn most from listening to our owners and guests to find out what makes a grand vacation for you and your family.

We may not be perfect, much as we would like to be. It is something we are constantly working on, striving for. But you want to get me worked up over a topic? You want to know what my passion is? Ask one of the new employees in that orientation session.

Hokey? Maybe a little. Serious? You bet.

Mike Millisor


Alpine Adventures Dogsledding

Looking for a hands-on adventure in a majestic winter setting? Let Alpine Adventures take you on a dog sledding excursion that the whole family will enjoy. Plus, you can meet and greet your adorable team of dogs!

Their tagsled tour is a great way for the family to experience the Alaskan lifestyle of a musher! You and your guide will be pulled by 8-12 dogs through the beautiful winter scenery and snow-covered meadows, surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in Colorado. As you get on the trails, the guide will give you the opportunity to drive, ride and control a larger team! With a completely dog powered sled, it is a peaceful, relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

This is a GRAND opportunity to add some excitement to your vacation while making memories that will last a lifetime. Transportation is included with these activities if you book ahead of time. So, bundle up for the ride of your life time!

For more information about this activity or any other please use the inquiry form below!


Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center Grand Opening

Join us on Saturday, January 10, 2014 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at 103 S. Harris Street in Breckenridge for the Grand Opening Celebration of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center and Summit County South Branch Library!

The community will gather in the front of the building for a toast and ribbon cutting ceremony after hearing from key members of this historical renovation project. Once inside, there will be various children’s crafts such as personalized library cards and book totes, photobooth, book signing by Sandie Mather, as well as the unveiling of a handcrafted quilt designed and made by the Summit County Quilters. The Speakeasy Movie Theater has also reopened and has installed a new digital projector.

After more than 100 years since its original construction, the schoolhouse on Harris Street will once again have new life. After extensive renovations and restoration, the building will now house the south branch of the Summit County Library, Speakeasy Movie Theatre, several non-profit offices including The Summit Foundation and Breckenridge Festival of Film, an archive room for the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance as well as community rooms available for public use.

The building has housed various tenants over the past century. Starting as a high school, it became Town Hall, housed the fire department, sheriff’s office, dance studios, Colorado Mountain College, and more.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is proud to have partnered with the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County Government on such a community-centered project.

“We invite our owners and guests to come and enjoy the new state-of-the-art library facility, take their family to view a feature film at the updated Speakeasy Movie Theatre, and even sit back to take in the spectacular views on the new reading deck. We want our owners and guests to feel as they have a stake in Breckenridge, and this is the place for them to feel like a part of the community. “

For more information, visit:

Property Taxes on Breckenridge Grand Vacation Residences

Many owners have requested that there be a line item on the dues billing for property taxes that states which part of the yearly association dues is for property taxes deductible on individual income tax returns.  Unfortunately, this subject is more complicated than it appears.  The amount included in dues is an estimate of what the Homeowners Association expects to owe in future periods. Taxpayers may deduct the amount of tax actually paid in the tax year.

Below are links to the property tax information for your appropriate Breckenridge Grand Vacation Residence:

2014 Property Taxes on GL7 units

2014 Property Taxes on GTL units

2014 Gold Point property tax

We are not able to advise you on your personal income tax preparation, but these amounts and documentation should provide enough information for you and your personal tax advisor to make and informed decision on what to deduct for 2014.

Good luck!

Owners Only

one_bgv[1]Breckenridge Grand Vacations is up for four prestigious Industry awards sponsored by Perspective Magazine, a globally recognized independent publication dedicated to the vacation ownership industry. The awards will be given this February at the annual GNEX conference in San Diego.  Determination of winners is partly based on votes garnered in each category from independent voters including owners of timeshare, employees, industry professionals and more.

As valued members of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family we are hoping that you will participate in the online voting portion of the judging when it commences later this month.  We will send you an email with links so you can participate and help Breckenridge Grand Vacations receive the industry recognition we’ve worked so hard to attain.

Owners Only

oo2[1]So far this season we have received over 95 inches of snow! This is an amazing start to the season, and if this trend continues, we are going to have another epic season here in Breckenridge. With more terrain opening soon, it lends the way to some great and sometimes hilarious moments happening on the mountain.

For a chance to win 25 Reward Dollars, we want to know what are some of your funniest skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing stories?  Comment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email your answers to!

Congratulations to last month’s winner, Michael Reining. 25 Reward Dollars have been added to your account—thank you for your participation! Take a look at what other owners are looking forward to this winter!

“The top 5 things I’m looking for this winter: 1. Snow  2. A comfy stay at Grand Lodge on Peak 7  3. Snow  4. The spa at GL7  5. SNOW” – Eric Oppliger

“Top 5 things we are looking forward to this WINTER! 1. Beauty of the SNOW on the mountains, and cozy blankets as we watch movies indoors as a family  2. Planning trips to the mountains and some great winter brew shared with friends in BRECK  3. Holiday times with family, and rest  4. Down time to sit and chat about summer vacations and planning an Interval timeshare trade  5. SNOW DELAYS that slow life down a bit and change routines — and help us appreciate the simpler things” – Gereny Keeton

“My top 5 things I’m looking forward to this winter: 5. Relaxing in my very own unit at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 after a full day of skiing  4. Visiting the shops in town and discovering new ones  3. Walking down the streets of downtown Breck after dinner enjoying the crisp, cold air and the lovely lights of the town
2. Eating out at some of my favorite restaurants in Breck again.  1. Taking the first run of the first day of my week at Grand Lodge, and knowing that I have an entire week to continue doing one of the things I love best: SKIING!” – B Mitchell

“This winter’s Top Five: 1. Getting the 3-year-old on skis for the first time  2. The baby turning 1 on the day of checkout from our week at GL7  3. Much needed time together as a family…in BRECK!  4. Teaching the little guy to ice skate, checking out the children’s museum and other stuff in town  5. Maybe letting the baby do a little sledding!” – Michelle

“Snow, skiing, hot tubbing afterwards, enjoying Breckenridge, and relaxing at Grand Lodge on Peak 7.” – Angelika Bush

“1. The Grotto  2. Soup at Sevens after a long day of skiing  3. Outdoor hot tub while it’s snowing on Peak 7, mmmm!  4. Gondola rides with the little ones  5. The wildlife on the drive up to the resort.
See you on Sunday for our week, Grand Lodge!” – Victoria Sofia Shaughnessy

“1. My son in the Air Force visiting  2. The moose in the snowy back yard  3. Hot tubs at GL7  4. Bourbon tasting at the Breckenridge Distillery  5. Attempting to snowshoe for the first time!” – Laura Cisco

“1. Meeting up with my family at GL7 to take my kids skiing for the first time after being deployed for the last 6 months.  2. – 5. Immaterial” – Jesse Baker

“The swimming pool and getting my son on skis for the first time ever, right out the back door at The Grand L­­­­­odge on Peak 7 and Eric’s pizza.” – Katrina Knepler

“1. Hot tub  2. Sevens  3. Beautiful scenery  4. Grocery shopping via gondola  5. Peacefulness.” – Kathleen Wright

“My time at GL7, family and friends, seeing the wonderful staff, from housekeeping to sales people! Front desk is very helpful, activities and concierge, the Lodge and all it has to offer from food to spa/pools and many other activities there! Yay can’t wait to be there soon! Proud to be an owner there!” – Georgia Ann Wilson

“Powder days, the beautiful scenery, beverages by the fire, beverages in the hot tub on the mountain and making family memories with Kyle Simpson :)” – Casey Eng Simpson

“Our week together with family at GL7, hot tub in the snow with an ice cold beer, all you can eat crab legs at Sevens, the view if watching the cats working under the moonlight sky, and ski boots buried in fresh powder and corduroy on the same day.”- Susan C. Wilson

“Learning to ski on Monday, enjoying the beauty of Colorado in winter, overcoming huge fears and obstacles (refer to first item), meeting new friends, hot tubs and hot toddys!” – Leslie Gunning-Scofield

“1. White Christmas  2. Hot chocolate  3. Hiking in the snow  4. Cozying up by the fire  5. Snowboarding/Skiing down Peak 7” – Abigail Sevilla Breitenbach

“1. Hot tub  2. Relaxing  3. Sevens  4. View  5. Lobby Bar and music.” – Julie St Onge

“1. Relaxing  2. The Grotto  3. Creating memories  4. Powder days  5. Covered parking. :)” – Gustavo Belloso

“Hot cocoa by the fire, roasted marshmallows, Santa, freshies and snowshoeing.” – Jeanne Larson Guernsey

“1. The staff at GL7  2. Peaks 6-7  3. The adults-only hot tubs after skiing all day  4. All of the amazing food in town plus Ullr Fest and the Ice Sculpture Competition in January  5. The first run on fresh corduroy tracks!” – Jennifer Britt Rubach

“The Grand Lodge theater with family, skiing, boarding, spa and crepes in town.” – Laurie Weisensee

“1. Meeting up with Grandma and Grandpa for a week at GL7  2. Meeting up with cousins at GL7  3. Skiing Peak 7 on a fresh powder day  4. Ready, Paint, Fire!  5. Walking around in my ski boots (I have to think positively on this one and pretend they are just like slippers!)” – Jill Munsinger

“Skiing, sitting by the fire, sledding, tubing and skating.” – Tricia Elliott Nester

“My family is looking forward to 1. The family friendly atmosphere for all ages at Peak 7  2. The swimming pool  3. The amazing skiing out of the back door  4. Sledding  5. Getting to the Grand Lodge so my kids will stop saying “Mom, when are we going back to THE hotel?…the good one!” – Dawn Hauser

“Ullr Fest, Breckenridge Distillery, Holidays, Time off work and Dragon Age Inquisition.” – Michael Reining

“1. Visiting your resort  2. Skiing in Colorado again  3. Holidays with family  4. Warming up by the fireplace  5. Comfort food!” – Tamra Drehs Sengstock

“1. The steam room at Grand Lodge on Peak 7  2. Beignets at The Lost Cajun In Breckenridge  3. Cawfee at Cuppa Joe Breckenridge  4. Our January two-night stay including ski-in/ski-out awesomeness at GL7  5. A gondola ride into town!” – Jodie Lee

“Skiing with friends, Mi Casa, hot tubs, spa visits and family time!” – Teena Schulz

“Breckenridge, skiing, hot tub at Grand Timber Lodge, Downtown at Eric’s pizza, and walking the streets on a snowy day!” – Lynn Puckett Kinnaman

“Peak 10, Peak 9, Peak 8, Peak 7, and Peak 6.” – Fabien Ardila

“Walking hand in hand with my husband while the snow is falling, tubing, skiing, making snowmen with the kids and listening to holiday music.” – Marla McGinn Jensen

“1. Hot tub with snowflakes falling  2. Sitting around the fire pit  3. Staying warm inside my timeshare relaxing and spending time with my family – no chores  4. Skiing right into Peak 7  5. Looking for the Moose” – Carmen Stransky Kassatly

“Snow, enough snow for Midwest skiing, skiing in CO, skiing at Breck, enjoying Grand Timber with all our kids and grandkids.” – Leanne Upward

“Family time, skiing, Christmas, snow and snuggling!” – Stephanie Lynn Shea-Assali

“Spending my birthday weekend at Grand Timber, fresh snow to play in, hot chocolate, sledding with the kiddos and family time around the fire!” – Megan Brown

“Skiing, sledding, tubing, wool sweaters and Christmas!” – Laura Angel Beumer

“Getting away from work and chores. Spending time with the family. Enjoying the beautiful scenery, the quietness that comes with a new snow fall. Skiing, tubing, ice skating and building a snowman. And of course Christmas.” – Zea Baca Flores;)