View from the Bottom

MikeThe View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

Last month, I used this column to tell you a bit about what BGV does with the feedback you provide us when you complete the surveys we send to you.  I hope the information clearly expressed how important your responses are in helping us to provide GRAND vacation and ownership experiences!  This month, I thought I’d follow up by sharing with you a bit about how we have structured our surveys to make sure we cover all the bases, in addition to spotlighting some of the improvements we’ve made as a result of your feedback.

Each year, on the anniversary of your first purchase with BGV, we send you what we call the BGV Owner Survey. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your ownership as a whole, separate from any particular visit, to tell us anything that has been on your mind or to share ideas for making things better.

In addition, we also send a Post-Stay Survey at the end of each vacation stay at a BGV resort to the departing owner, renter or exchange guest. We know that the expectations of each of these groups will be a bit different, and will depend to some degree on past experiences they have had either with their home BGV resort or with other resorts in which they have rented accommodations or used exchange privileges through their home resort.  Looking at their rating and comments separately helps us to better anticipate the needs of each group. In the near future, we also hope to launch Onsite Surveys at each BGV resort so that we can make sure that every stay is as enjoyable as can be!

Several years ago, we started using a metric within our surveys that has been adopted by many, if not most, of the major companies in all fields of business.  The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based on customers’ responses to a single question on a scale of 0-10: How likely are you to recommend our business to your friends and family?  Those who score a 9 or 10 are considered Promoters, those who score a 7 or 8 are considered Passives and those who score 0-6 are known as Detractors. To date, I’m pleased to share that over 70 percent of all BGV survey respondents are Promoters! While this metric is helpful because it allows us to measure customer loyalty and not just customer satisfaction, it is the verbatim comments that we receive with each survey that truly help us learn what we can do to improve the experiences of our owners and guests, so please keep those comments and suggestions coming! To that end, I’d like to share some of the changes that our BGV owners have suggested and that we’ve implemented.

Gold Point Resort heard from our owners and guests that they had difficulty reaching the Front Desk during their hours of operation and/or the Resident Manager during the evenings due to how the phone system was set up with multiple phone numbers. To improve the owner and guest experience as a result of this feedback, an auto attendant was installed that uses just one main phone number to ensure that each call reaches the correct point of contact, no matter what time of day the call is received. In addition, we now stock more towels in our hot tub rooms and replenish them more frequently to ensure there are enough towels available throughout the week, based on survey feedback. Survey comments have also helped us shape our long term refurbishment and replacement schedules.

At Grand Timber Lodge, we installed additional robe/towel hooks throughout the indoor and outdoor pool areas based on comments we received. We also added an additional Activities Coordinator to ensure that the Activities Desk is always covered while other activities staff are hosting in-house events, which were increased as the result of several requests from owners and guests. In addition, we are pleased to announce that a new and improved version of the weekly “owner party” is back by popular demand. Lastly, the Lodgepole Market in Building 6 now features select grab-and-go breakfast items, per the suggestion of some of our owners.

At the Grand Lodge on Peak 7, we installed coat hooks in the Day Use Lunch Room and a lock on the exterior door to this room.  We are also in the process of installing a second coat hook in all of the residences in the South Building.  In addition, we are installing a bar on the outside of the spa locker room showers to increase the safety of our owners and guests.  Last year, a water fountain was installed in the Day Use Lunch Room and we also added a water cooler outside in the pool area. Recently, the Grand Lobby Bar began featuring Starbucks offerings.  All of these improvements were the result of suggestions from owners!

Based on additional suggestions from owners, our Owner Relations Team worked in collaboration with our Information Technology Team to implement the online Bonus Time Availability Calendar for all resorts, and the Points Availability Calendar for Grand Lodge on Peak 7 owners.  The feedback we received from our owners also helped us to develop the usage plan for our newest resort, the Grand Colorado on Peak 8.

I hope the picture you’re getting is that we are very thorough in seeking out the data that will tell us what we need to know.  We wouldn’t do all this work if we didn’t really want to know how we are doing, where we can do better, and how we can do better.  I realize that it also creates a bit of work for you when you receive these surveys, and I thank those of you who have faithfully and honestly completed these.  If you have not been completing these surveys, I hope you’ll consider sharing your input with us in the future.

In today’s marketplace, we are all asked to complete surveys for virtually every product we buy or service we contract, and it can be tempting to ignore them all, especially if we get the impression that our feedback disappears into some big pot and is never seen again.  I wanted to share this level of detail on our survey process so that you’ll know the quality of attention that your rankings and comments get from our staff, from executives down to front line employees.  The scores you provide help us measure improvement; your comments inspire improvement.  Yes, we do ask for your input fairly frequently, and we do that because we honor your investment with us and your trust in us.  Thanks for helping us continue to provide the best possible vacation experience and ownership experience for you and your family.

Mike Millisor


Owners Only

2015 is the year of change at Breckenridge Grand Vacations: a new property, new features on Grand Central and now a brand-new owner blog! This blog is another tool to help all owners stay up-to-date with events, property updates and to communicate with us. We have created a more user-friendly layout, a calendar of events, and a quick link navigation system.

We want to know what tools, features and content you would like to see added to our owner blog. So take a look around and let us know what else you would like to see. Comment below or send an email to customerservice@breckenridgegrandvacations.com with your suggestions and a chance to win 25 Reward Dollars!

Owners Only

It’s only February and Ullr, the Norse God of Snow, has already blessed Breckenridge with over 196 inches of champagne powder! With our snowiest months still ahead there is still tons of fun to be had!

For a chance to win 25 Reward Dollars share your favorite ski memory and what you’re most excited for this ski season!  Share your best story and most anticipated moment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email your answers to CustomerService@BreckenridgeGrandVacations.com!

Winter Pics

View from the Bottom

The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

About fifteen years ago, we implemented a New Employee Orientation program. Each new employee spends his or her first day on the job learning about the foundation of our company – the BGV culture of customer service – before they move into training for particular job skills and responsibilities. We explore the many dimensions and expectations carried by our company’s passion statement – “Our Family Commitment: Always Grand Vacations.”

A few weeks ago as I sat with about half a dozen new employees at the orientation session, I couldn’t help but wonder what they thought of my emphasis on our passion and commitment to customer service. Did they get it? Did they think it was just lip service, or a show, something to get them pumped up on their first day of work? Did they think I was living in a dream world, removed from the day-to-day challenges of resort staffing? Or just plain hokey?

 In a culture that talks about customer service more often than providing it, maybe I do sometimes go a bit over the top in articulating my passion for creating fantastic vacations. But I also know that I am not the only one with this passion. I know that an increasing number of our employees stay with BGV for years because they have also caught the fever.

Providing great customer service isn’t something we are all born knowing how to do. It takes focus, practice, and learning to anticipate all the little things that go into providing a seamless experience for you, our owners. That is why we start this training from day one, and why I encourage our more experienced employees to mentor the newer ones, as well as to be open to what even they can learn from the newer people. And perhaps most important, I make it clear that if they are approaching their work correctly, they will learn most from listening to our owners and guests to find out what makes a grand vacation for you and your family.

We may not be perfect, much as we would like to be. It is something we are constantly working on, striving for. But you want to get me worked up over a topic? You want to know what my passion is? Ask one of the new employees in that orientation session.

Hokey? Maybe a little. Serious? You bet.

Mike Millisor


Alpine Adventures Dogsledding

Looking for a hands-on adventure in a majestic winter setting? Let Alpine Adventures take you on a dog sledding excursion that the whole family will enjoy. Plus, you can meet and greet your adorable team of dogs!

Their tagsled tour is a great way for the family to experience the Alaskan lifestyle of a musher! You and your guide will be pulled by 8-12 dogs through the beautiful winter scenery and snow-covered meadows, surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in Colorado. As you get on the trails, the guide will give you the opportunity to drive, ride and control a larger team! With a completely dog powered sled, it is a peaceful, relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

This is a GRAND opportunity to add some excitement to your vacation while making memories that will last a lifetime. Transportation is included with these activities if you book ahead of time. So, bundle up for the ride of your life time!

For more information about this activity or any other please use the inquiry form below!


Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center Grand Opening

Join us on Saturday, January 10, 2014 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at 103 S. Harris Street in Breckenridge for the Grand Opening Celebration of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center and Summit County South Branch Library!

The community will gather in the front of the building for a toast and ribbon cutting ceremony after hearing from key members of this historical renovation project. Once inside, there will be various children’s crafts such as personalized library cards and book totes, photobooth, book signing by Sandie Mather, as well as the unveiling of a handcrafted quilt designed and made by the Summit County Quilters. The Speakeasy Movie Theater has also reopened and has installed a new digital projector.

After more than 100 years since its original construction, the schoolhouse on Harris Street will once again have new life. After extensive renovations and restoration, the building will now house the south branch of the Summit County Library, Speakeasy Movie Theatre, several non-profit offices including The Summit Foundation and Breckenridge Festival of Film, an archive room for the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance as well as community rooms available for public use.

The building has housed various tenants over the past century. Starting as a high school, it became Town Hall, housed the fire department, sheriff’s office, dance studios, Colorado Mountain College, and more.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is proud to have partnered with the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County Government on such a community-centered project.

“We invite our owners and guests to come and enjoy the new state-of-the-art library facility, take their family to view a feature film at the updated Speakeasy Movie Theatre, and even sit back to take in the spectacular views on the new reading deck. We want our owners and guests to feel as they have a stake in Breckenridge, and this is the place for them to feel like a part of the community. “

For more information, visit: www.BGVCenter.org