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View from the Bottom

The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor and Mike Dudick’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

We love family here at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. Actually, we didn’t really know how much we loved family until we did a recent survey of our employees trying to find out how many “family members” work together
here at BGV. The response even surprised us! We thought it was worthy
of sharing with our extended family of owners as well. Here is what we learned …

Family Members at BGV
“Eight moms, four dads and twelve kids, working together. Four sisters, six brothers. Two uncles and aunts and two nieces and nephews. Two cousins. And whoever said that in-laws don’t get along, never worked here! We have two mothers-in-law, two brothers-in-law, two daughters-in-law and three sons-in-law, all happy to be co-workers. Four couples identified as significant others. And here’s the big finish…sixteen spouse/partner couples.”

If our math serves us well, we currently have nearly 77 family members working together at BGV. Why is this important you may ask? We think this very example goes to show that families who work together must also share the same priorities and values in the place they work. We are reminded that BGV’s unwavering commitment to service, be it to our Owners and Guests or to our Employees and the Community, remains at the forefront of what we do. And with that, we are proud that families who work and vacation together do it with BGV!

On another note, as February turns into March, we want to remind all our “Family” of some common travel tips if you are coming to Breckenridge during what is usually our best snow month of the year.

  1. Plan ahead and allow for a little extra time to get around. Be winter-prepared, especially if driving.
  2. Make dinner and spa reservations in advance.
  3. Extend your stay to include a Sunday overnight and enjoy a little less congestion in town, as a lot of folks are traveling on that day.

We hope to see you here real soon!

Mike and Mike

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View from the Bottom

The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

I can’t believe it’s been just over one year since we opened our newest resort. And now, the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 has truly built its reputation as a “grand slam” for our many owners and guests who have had the pleasure of experiencing this unique resort.

Every time I walk around this property, I am reminded of the vision we had so many years ago when we introduced the first member of our resort family: Gold Point Resort. Guests now walking through the halls at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 are some of the happiest people in town – and I know why! It’s because there is no better location in Breckenridge — slopeside — to really experience the best that Breckenridge has going on in the winter. Once guests leave the ski lockers, it is just steps to the lift line. The deck seating has plenty of nooks for guests to settle into for picnics or just plain lounging, as well as arguably the best views back over Baldy Mountain and the Continental Divide.

Wherever you own with us, be sure to stop by and treat yourself to a meal at Grand Colorado’s restaurant, Robbie’s Tavern, named after my brother and former partner. It has become one of those types of restaurants where “they always know your name” and you, too, will feel right at home while dining at Robbie’s. In addition, be sure to carve some time out to enjoy the Infinity Spa — arguably one of the most luxuriously appointed spas in the area — and I have seen my fair share.

We are truly in the smile business, and we are committed to making every BGV vacation experience the best you’ve ever had. If you would like to explore ownership at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8, call us at 866-423-6974 to set up a tour. I’d love to show you around and tell you what else is happening in the spring and in Building 3.

Mike Millisor



The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

Happy new year!

I hope you and your family had a great holiday season. My family and I enjoyed the balmy weather of Hawaii, while the town of Breckenridge was gifted with a good dose of snow on Christmas Day – 15 inches, to be exact! I hope those of you who were here for your week got to enjoy some great outdoor fun on the mountain and around town.

In addition to connecting and celebrating with family and friends, one of my favorite things about the holidays is the plethora of opportunities to help others. This is something that I, along with most of the BGV staff, proudly participate in. My late brother Rob was a true believer in philanthropy. He used to say, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Rob inspired all of us at BGV to give back to the communities in which we live and support important causes that enhance our quality of life.

To that end, you will notice something new in your HOA dues invoice this month. You will have the opportunity to voluntarily donate $3.00 per year, not only to the American Resort Development Association’s Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC), but also to The Summit Foundation. I’ll tell you why these two non-profit organizations are so important to the BGV Family.

The Summit Foundation is our leading local philanthropic organization. It is a pillar of our community and provides resources to help working families; resolves important community issues – including education, health, and housing; and helps to preserve the quality of life in Breckenridge and surrounding mountain communities. Those of you who have been here for Labor Day weekend are probably familiar with the Great Rubber Duck Race held in town. If you didn’t already know it, this fun-filled event is one of The Summit Foundation’s biggest fundraisers. You can learn more about this organization’s work and exemplary reputation at www.Summit Foundation.org.

ARDA-ROC advocates on behalf of the fractional ownership industry to protect the rights of our owners. These include, but aren’t limited to, defending against potentially burdensome fractional ownership tax legislation – especially as more states face budgetary shortfalls; holding companies accountable for any deceptive business practices; supporting non-judicial foreclosure legislation, which saves time and money for owners and HOAs; and ensuring that your personal information isn’t shared with third party companies. In other words, they work to support and protect your ownership on numerous fronts. You can learn more about ARDA-ROC at www.ardaroc.org.

Although we’re always reminded about the importance of giving around the holidays, I find it gratifying to know my donations are helpful to others throughout the year. So, if you are able, thanks for supporting one or both organizations that are near and dear to the BGV heart.

In the meantime, I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018!

Warm regards,

Mike Millisor

View from the Bottom

At the end of each year, we traditionally begin to look back at all that has transpired in the past twelve months. And this year was a special one, as the opening of Grand Colorado on Peak 8 will always be one of our highlights for many years to come. We hope it will become […]

View from the Bottom

With thoughts of the imminent weather changes and the snow coming, the autumn season marks a time of the year that gets us all thinking about what lies ahead. It is also a time when we begin to plan to gather with family and friends as we shift into the holiday seasons. It is at this time we also like to remind you of what our commitment to you (our owners and guests) is really all about.


This idea of bringing people together is at the root of what we do. Regardless of where you are in the family at BGV, our resorts offer a place—a home—for people to come together and celebrate some of the real hallmarks of life, which include the opportunity to share experiences with the people you enjoy the most: your friends and family.

The fast-paced lifestyle that draws us apart every day—moving here and there—is easily rekindled by the quality time people share on a vacation. We feel that staying at your vacation home is the GRANDEST way for you to push “pause” and dive deeper into the time spent with your loved ones. We strive to help make this a priority for you as we know how important this time is to each and every one of you.

This autumn, we share our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for each of you and our growing BGV family. Please continue to share with us your family stories and experiences, as it means the world to us to know we have brought more people together!

Mike Millisor

2018 HOA Billing

Hello BGV Owners,

We are providing a friendly reminder to inform you of the upcoming annual HOA billing.

  • 2018 HOA dues statements will be mailed the first week of January, with a due date of March 1, 2018.
  • Payments can be mailed to the address provided on your statement, paid online or paid over the phone by calling 888-783-8883 ext. 3048.
  • Approved payment plans can be set up online at bgv.myaccountinfo.com or by calling BGV Accounts Receivable Management to request an authorization form.
  • Please be advised, you will need to register your 12-digit HOA account number for online access at bgv.myaccountinfo.com.
  • Check payments should be mailed to the HOA payment processor Concord Servicing:

(Resort Name) Owners Association
PO Box 29352
Phoenix, AZ 85038

  • Please contact your bank to ensure they have the correct address on file if you use Bill Pay. Mailing payments directly to BGV can create extra costs for the HOA and delay payment processing, which could add late fees to your account.
  • In order to apply reward dollars, owners will need to make the request online or by calling BGV Accounts Receivable Management at 888-783-8883 ext. 3048.
  • Breckenridge Grand Vacations Accounts Receivable Management is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. MT.