Interval International Tip

A trip to the Caribbean can be the vacation of a lifetime! But making said trip happen takes a lot of advance planning and careful research.

For instance, the Western Caribbean is more likely to see hurricanes than the Eastern side. Specifically, Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Curacao, Grenada, and Trinidad & Tobago have fared well with relatively few hurricanes recorded, adding to their immense popularity as tourist destinations.

December through May tends to be the most popular time to visit this tropical paradise due to clear weather and minimal chance of hurricanes.  During these months temperatures range from mid 70s to high 80s while the ocean sits at a comfortable 79 degrees.  Naturally, these near perfect conditions draw the crowds, leading to higher priced lodging and activities.

However, if you are looking to avoid paying top dollar without sacrificing the perfect Caribbean weather we recommend visiting between mid-April and the end of May.  This will provide you with great weather and more reasonable rates.

Life in the Caribbean slows down a little bit starting in June through November with peak hurricane season spiking in August lasting for the following two months.  At this time the weather tends to be more unpredictable with higher humidity levels and greater chances of intense rain showers, leading to seaweed filled beaches and less than ideal swimming conditions.

If you can’t make it to the Caribbean during peak season but don’t want to risk traveling during high hurricane season try planning a trip in July as hurricanes are more sporadic during this time.  Or if you are looking for a quiet escape you we recommend visiting in October through November, but be warned many resorts, stores and restaurants may be closed.

For more details, feel free to check out these websites or call our Interval International Liaisons:


Tip of the Month:

Even if you’re not travelling during peak hurricane season, we always recommend purchasing travel insurance!

To get more information on adding Travel Insurance to your Interval International exchanges, visit

Happy Traveling!

Owner Tip

Briar RoseSpring is here and that means longer days, warmer nights and best of all two-for ones!  All of our favorite restaurants will be creating special menus so visitors and locals can indulge in delicious meals at half the price!

The exact dates have not been released yet, but based on past years you can expect to pamper your taste buds starting the end of April through the end of May.

Here are a few of the delicious restaurants that we expect to participate again this year:

  • Briar Rose Chophouse & Saloon
  • Crepes A La Cart
  • Downstairs at Eric’s
  • Hearthstone Restaurant
  • Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant
  • Modis
  • Motherloaded Tavern
  • Park & Main
  • Relish
  • Twist

In order to partake in this delicious discount dining experience you must first purchase a Dining Passport for $10.  Passports can be picked up at the Welcome Center on Main Street and at participating restaurants.  All proceeds benefit local non-profits. For a full list of participating restaurants go here.


Grand Central Day Use Webinar

Have you used Grand Central to book Day Use? If not, now is the time to learn. Below is a webinar on how to use Grand Central to book Day Use!

Interval International Tip

These days, the places we tend to go on vacation are highly dependent on the cost of airline tickets. These high prices are due to many factors including a decrease in airline companies (resulting in less competition), the rising cost of airline fuel, increasing taxes/fees, and a reduced number of routes to certain locations.

However, these high prices do fluctuate depending on an airline’s needs to fill as many seats as possible on a flight. Overall, the best way to find cheaper airline tickets is to be flexible on when and where you travel. Airlines look at trends from previous years to base their fares on; for example, holidays will typically have higher fares due to the high demand for travel.

But, if your schedule does not allow you to be flexible, here are some tips you can follow to take advantage of drops in airfares:

  • Start searching about 3 months in advance
  • Do not book inside 30 days from departure
    • Statistically higher rates because the majority of tickets are sold within this time
  • Avoid traveling on Mondays, Fridays, or Sundays
    • Travel midweek
    • Travel early-morning or late-night flights
  • Search for flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon (around 3 p.m. Eastern time)

Tip of the Month:

The ITA Software by Google

Visit to start a search for the lowest fares on flight routes. This website, developed by a group of computer scientists from MIT, acts as a search engine and provides a calendar of the lowest fares on given routes based on what you put in for a search. The search looks at several different airlines to try to get you the best rates. With the calendar, you’ll be able to see which departure/arrival dates will give you the cheapest rates!

Owner Tip

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Green Tip

It doesn’t matter what season we’re in, storms of any type can cause power outages. Most people are prepared to cope with them, and rely on the help of battery-powered devices such as flashlights, lanterns, radios, phone chargers and headlamps. One way to cut down on hazardous waste is by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. If you do use disposable batteries, purchase those with a low mercury content, which are both safer for the user and better for the environment.