Escape Room

While you’re staying with us, head over to the Breckenridge Escape Room to test your mind. Locked inside a live-action escape room, you have 60 minutes to find the clues and solve the mystery to make your escape! Your team of up to 8 people, which may be whomever you choose, will test your problem-solving skills to escape the locked room. As you arrive you must choose a difficulty level (room). There are three rooms to choose from, all with different and exciting story lines.

Beginning at medium is the Hollywood Murder room. In this room, you are taken back to the 1950’s and wind up in a Hollywood actress’ dressing room and come to realize she’s been murdered. How? By whom? It is up to you to solve the riddle and find the clues.

Bump up to the hard level and find yourself inside the office of a secret agent, who has disappeared after being accused of a crime. Hidden inside the office is her location, which you and your team must find. But there’s a second challenge: someone placed a bomb inside her office and the timer is set for 60 minutes. Have no fear: if you have what it takes, there is a code for the bomb hidden in the room, as well.

Finally, you can step up to the very difficult room, which has only a 40 percent success rate. A nasty pirate, by the name of Captain Steelhook, has taken over your ship and locked you and your crew in the brig. With only 60 minutes until his return, you must find his treasure trove before he returns, or you’ll wind up swimming with the sharks.

So, do you think you have what it takes to make it out of a room? Perhaps all three? Head on over to the Breckenridge Escape Room, located at 233 South Ridge to find out. Discounted rates are available for owners. Check it out!