Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

GC86GC85Letter from the Project Coordinator

With summer on the way, the warmer weather has allowed us to make a lot of progress on the structural steel. We are looking forward to minimal interruptions this summer, with only afternoon showers to think about, and encourage you to head up to the base of Peak 8 to see all of our progress!

Property Updates:

  • We are putting up the structural steel for phase 2 and the phase 1 triangle that contains the plaza and terrace units, the restaurant and the ski lockers.
  • Mechanical and electrical rough-in are close to completion on floor 2 and continues on the upper floors.
  • The doors, windows and exterior sheathing of phase 1 is 95 percent complete.
  • We have confirmed the exterior material selection and this work will begin in the month of May.

Deb Norton
Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Project Coordinator