Interval International Deposits Part III – Request First

This is the last of three articles about depositing your ownership week into your Interval International account. The first article addressed the steps for depositing your week. The second answered some of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter in the Interval Support department. In this final article of our mini-series, we will discuss the option of placing a request without depositing your owner week in advance. This is called a Request First waitlist.

If you have an ownership week at your home resort that you don’t want to give up until you know that you can travel to a different, specific destination, you have the option of placing a request without yet depositing your unit. In this way, you indicate to Interval that you are willing to deposit a week if, and only if, you are matched to a certain resort in the timeframe you request. If there is no match, you can keep your owner week and come to Breckenridge for it.

This is a great way to keep your options open if you’re still on the fence and don’t want to lose a great owner week but are considering an alternative destination.

The limitation of a Request First waitlist is that you can only place a request up to and including the dates of your actual reservation at your Breckenridge resort. For example, if you have a reservation for Spring Break in 2018 from March 17 to 24, your Request First waitlist can include those dates, with the latest requested check-in date of March 17, 2018.

Like the Deposit First waitlist, you pay the Exchange fee (currently $189) up front and your request stays active through the dates that you requested. In the above example, it is possible that you could receive an email notification on March 15 confirming your exchange starting on March 17. Please make a note in your personal calendar to keep an eye out for any email notifications that may come in and cancel your request when you feel that it is too late to make travel arrangements.

Unlike the Deposit First waitlist, once you receive a match with the Request First waitlist you do not have a 24-hour grace period to decline the match. An Exchange that you receive through a Request First waitlist is non-refundable and after you receive a match you cannot take the owner week back. It is automatically deposited and you relinquish your Breckenridge owner week as soon as you are matched to your request.

If you need to make changes to the Exchange, you do have an option to add ePlus for $54 up to five days after the confirmation email, which allows you to re-trade up to three times into inventory that you see available.

Keep the Request First option in mind if you consider Interval for travel during a high-demand time to a high-demand destination, if you already have that with your owner week at your Breckenridge home.


If you have any questions about depositing your reservation or anything else related to Interval, please reach out to us at 877-453-4440. We are always happy to assist you.