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12509438_10153260609071889_7242781747522575475_nWinter is here and not going anywhere for quite some time. Owners and guests alike have been flocking to the ski hill ready to take on any challenges thrown at them. With yearly Breckenridge vacations, you tend to find a certain area of terrain that becomes your go-to spot or your archenemy.

For a chance to win 50 Reward Dollars, what peak or run do you most look forward to skiing while in Breckenridge and why?

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  1. Nancy Cooper says:

    I love Peak 10 and especially Cimmaron Trail. This single black diamond groomer is fast and steep with fun rollers; perfect for speed demons and for blue skiers who want to up the challenge.

  2. JC Ferraz says:

    We love Peak 7, with its rolling blue runs that feel like you’re riding a roller coaster! Whee! Also one of the reasons we love Grand Lodge so much – easy access to our favorite runs!

  3. Gus Helm says:

    My wife and I skied peak 6 two years ago and I really did not get to experience it like I would like. Last year my youngest daughter and I skied peak 6 toward the end of our week and we both had a great time sking Iit run after run. This was her first time sking in colorado and she just loved it. We are headed out to our condo next week, daughter in tow and she can’t stop talking about skiing peak 6 again.

  4. Isabelle DeSilver says:

    Every year I know the season is really underway when we get entrance to the “Way Out” on Peak 8. This natural half pipe always has powder in it due to the way the wind blows. My favorite memory is the day in 2011 when Breck got 26 inches. I think we might have felt we were in heaven!!!

  5. kristen Meyer says:

    I am in love with Peak 6….the terrain and the view is amazing. I feel like I am on top of the world while on Peak 6!

  6. Ed wrubel says:

    Peak 6 If you get up there early enough after a snow fall and the clouds are still hanging on the peaks of the mountain Range the view is Amazing and and the sun starts to come out it begins to burn off the cloud and your are graced with this amazing Blue bird day. oh yea the skiing up high the runs are technical and wide open also there are cruising run s for intermediate skier’s. peak 6 a slice of heaven

  7. Warren Laughlin says:

    We love Peak 7 because of it’s proximity to Grand Lodge, it’s great to ski down and hop into a hot tub or grab a drink at Sevens!!

  8. Carlos Saenz says:

    Peak 8 as it has the most diverse terrain. If I am burnt from a difficult Double Black I can take a easy cruiser if I so choose. Not many Catwalks for a snowboard those tend to really burn calves as well.

  9. Marqueta Maestas says:

    Peak 7. Terrain is fairly easy. Runs are nice wide mostly blues. Much less traffic on 7 the on 8. No catwalks to reach bottom.

  10. Warren Davis says:

    Peak9. It is where my sons like to ski and following those 2 guys down the hill is what its all about

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