Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Paranormal Investigations

ghostWhat a better way to prepare for the Halloween season than join the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance on a paranormal investigation tour. Over the years, locals and visitors alike have commented on the strange happenings taking place in some of the historical Breckenridge buildings. Tales of non-working clocks chiming, slamming doors and unexplained cold spots in historical buildings have permeated the town of Breckenridge. This year a former investigator at The Stanley Hotel and a “medium” will attempt to communicate with these ghosts to put fact or fiction to the tales.

Join them every Friday in October as they embark on their investigation. Tickets are $15 each and only for ages 15+. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Welcome Center on Main Street. Tours begin at 6 p.m. and the location of the tour will be provided by calling 970-453-9767 x2.

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