Timeshare Week Donations For Charity

img_4903The Kessler family have enjoyed their Grand Lodge on Peak 7 timeshare for many years and have found a way to share their Breckenridge experience with others in need. Recently, Vicki Kessler shared her family’s decision to donate their timeshare to Domus Pacis Family Respite, a local nonprofit whose mission is, “To offer individuals, who are on a challenging medical journey, a homelike environment that encourages interaction with other family members and caregivers in a comfortable and peaceful surrounding.”

“We have been very blessed and we really do feel a responsibility to share the blessings we receive. So when we plan for the use of our timeshare, we always factor Domus Pacis into it,” explained Vicki.  “I think everyone has a family member or friend who have gone through life changing medical issues. We love the idea of being able to bring a light to their journey. Going through a year of chemo or battling a major disease is exhausting. We understand that, and for that reason partnering with Domus Pacis makes a whole lot sense for us.”

Domus Pacis relies entirely on the mountain community of Summit County for the use of donated resort homes to serve families battling cancer. Owners participating in the program have complete flexibility over weeks that their home would be donated and may choose to include the cleaning fee as part of the donation, or Domus Pacis would be happy to cover that expense.

“Giving up one week of a timeshare in a beautiful place like Breckenridge carries much more impact than you might ever think” said Vicki, explaining that she and her husband use the Grand Lodge timeshare donation as a way to teach her own children about the value of philanthropy.  “Our children do recognize their own ability to contribute to charitable efforts and make a difference in other’s lives. I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit. One of my son’s friend’s parents said, ‘Get your friends to contribute to Katrina Relief and we will match dollar for dollar.’  My son, who was about 10 then, gave every dollar he had, which was around $140.”

Domus Pacis families who benefit from a home donation write thank you letters to those sponsoring their visit. “We treasure these thank you cards,” said Vicki. “The first thank you card was from a family with a young child who had leukemia. The card included a picture drawn by this child of him and his parents playing in the snow, and that has stuck with all of us.”

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is a frequent contributor to Domus Pacis families through their Charity Week program. If you are interested in learning more about this program or donating a week,  contact the Owner Relations Department at bgvcharityproject@breckgv.com or 877-453-4440. They are available from Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time at 877-453-4440.