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MikeThe View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

It is common knowledge that happy employees do better work. An environment in which employees can thrive is, of course, of value in itself, but the benefits to an organization of a stable and enthusiastic work force extend far beyond the individuals involved, to providing service to the company’s customers. Taking care of our employees is, therefore, a part of our pledge to you as owners as well.

From the earliest days of our company, we have striven to be the “employer of choice” in Summit County. And we have received numerous honors along the way to indicate that we are accomplishing just that, both locally and nationally. The Breckenridge Resort Chamber named us “Employer of Choice,” and the American Resort Development Association, the professional organization of the vacation ownership industry, presented BGV with the ARDA Circle of Excellence Employer Award. For the past three years, BGV has been named to the list of the 100 Top Workplaces in Colorado by the Denver Post, and our internal employee satisfaction surveys consistently indicate that the vast majority of our team enjoys and feels rewarded by what they do. But we also know that employee engagement and satisfaction is not something that can be taken for granted, but must receive our constant attention and our ongoing efforts if we are to sustain it at the highest levels. It’s something we owe not only to our employees, but to you.

To help ensure that our employees can continue to grow and find professional fulfillment in their jobs, in recent months BGV has instituted a new program to develop the talent they bring to us. ASPIRE is the BGV Self-Study Leadership Development Program. The program is open to all BGV employees, and aims to foster their personal and professional growth, regardless of their career path at BGV or elsewhere. A reading list, films that include leadership lessons, self-study courses, written essays, email groups, and other educational activities will not only provide the student with tools for learning, but will hopefully instill in each student a desire to continue to grow and the knowledge of how to construct one’s own ongoing education.

I was eager to share the bones of this program with you as one more demonstration of our commitment to take the very best care of your investment with us for a lifetime of Grand vacations. We talk a lot about “being family,” both in terms of our employee family and our larger family of employees and owners. Family is about much more than hanging out together and going about our daily routines. To me, family is about nurturing the very best in individuals so that they can live out their fullest potential. And as they live out that potential, they will, in turn, be able to take care of everyone else in the family—which includes you!

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  1. Rusty Spindel says:

    I just read a saying “people work for people, not for businesses” I think this fits very well with your thoughts in the article. I know when I look to add associates I look for the “FIT” you can usually work out the money>

  2. Don Bullock says:

    You might investigate the resources provided by Bill Hybels and the organization he heads, The Global Leadership Summit. I have found it both very inspirational, and informational, and a good development tool for leadership training

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