View from the Bottom

The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts

Most of us spend a lot of time, energy and money making our home a place where we can completely relax, a retreat from the “slings and arrows” and hectic pace of daily life. We look forward to vacations, I think, for the same reason. We want to get away to a place that allows us to rest and recreate – to “re-create” ourselves, in the best sense of that word. But as many of us have experienced, even the most careful planning does not guarantee a smooth and comfortable vacation. Trying to find one’s way around unfamiliar settings, adjusting to local customs, even choosing a good restaurant for a special dinner celebration can introduce stress into an experience anticipated with visions worthy of a travel poster.

Perhaps that is why an ARDA survey found that the highest ranked reason timeshare owners cited for satisfaction with their vacation ownership was “My timeshare offers a vacation home away from home.”  That makes so much sense to me. Especially for owners who vacation regularly at their home resort, they know their way around, the accommodations have a familiar feel, and they recognize many staff members from previous vacations. And even for those who use the exchange option to vacation in a different location, they can count on the oversight of the exchange organization – such as Interval International – to ensure that the standards of the new destination will compare with the comforts they count on at their home resort. And they have access to competent and concerned staff members to help them plan favorite activities and special occasions before they ever leave home.

We consider you part of our family, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that each time you stay with us you leave feeling that it was the best vacation you ever had. But even before that, we want you to arrive and settle into your condo with the same ease and comfort that you feel when coming home after a day at work, with a slippers-at-the-door-fire-in-the-fireplace kind of anticipation.

So, as you plan your next vacation with us, call ahead and let us know what it takes to make you feel like you are at home, and we’ll do our best to create that experience. Whichever of our resorts you originally chose to invest in, there was something about it that invited you in, that allowed you to imagine yourself relaxing and renewing during your time away from your regular routines. I hope that as you imagine your next visit, you will already start to let go of stress. We’re here to make that feeling a reality.

Mike Millisor

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  1. Larry Sherbondy says:

    Mike, one thing you all could do that would go a long way toward making us feel like you are primarily concerned that we have “the best vacation ever”: Don’t have the concierge greet us upon arrival with the opportunity to “upsell” us. When the first thing we encounter is an invitation to meet with a sales consultant regarding the newest property, it makes us believe that your greatest interest is your own success rather than the overall quality of our vacation at “our” resort.

  2. Dave Shaver says:

    Boy do I ever agree with Larry and Christine! Even when a stopped in for a Day Use spot last weekend I got the “upsell” push for tour. This behavior makes me want to avoid the front desk whenever possible – not a good sign. It would be much more inviting and relaxing place to visit if the constant sales pressure was eliminated.

  3. Jason Fugere says:

    Well said Larry!! I completely agree with what you said. The greeting and arrival time is not the right time to set you up for an “upsell” appointment. And, it’s always disguised as “we want to make sure you’re getting all the benefits out of you current ownership.”

    Jason Fugere
    Owner at GTL since 2001

  4. Erin says:

    Agreed. We LOVE Grand Lodge at Peak 7. If we decide to upgrade or try a different property, we will. Every time we go, we have the opportunity to visit the new properties, but we want to continue our experience at GL7, right now. It is a turnoff and disappointment. Make information readily available, but focus on our current ownership, because it is our home-away-from-home. We don’t like feeling like non-owners being sold. That way we will definitely recommend ownership to friends and family. See you soon!

  5. Bill and Sunnie Anderson says:

    Well said everyone! We have been members of the BGV since 1988 when we purchased our first week at Gold Point from Rob Millisor. We upgraded from our Feb. week to increase our ownership to a second week at Gold Point. When Grand Timber Lodge was built, we exchanged one week for a 3 bedroom unit at GTL. Then some years later we exchanged Gold Point for a 2 bedroom unit at Grand Lodge on Peak 7. We are here again at GTL and have just declined the opportunity to upgrade to Grand Colorado. We do like the fact that every time we attend an “owner update” we get money applied to our account for future HOA Dues.

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