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No one who lives in Summit County needs to be reminded that early June weather can be a bit unpredictable, but for the second year, the sun shone brightly on the Rob Millisor Heart Health Walk on Saturday, June 10. More than 700 participants – both two-legged and four-legged – filled the streets and trails of Breckenridge under blue-bird skies. Best of all, almost $160,000 was raised for programs and initiatives to support heart health – and donations are still coming in.

Not everyone “walked,” as we added a 5K run this year and 59 people took advantage of this new option. The 36 canine participants had their choice of courses, and mostly followed their human companions.

This event is quickly becoming one of my favorite occasions of the year. The walking and running are really just the beginning. When everyone reconvened at Carter Park after their meander of choice, the fun really began. The crowd restored spent calories with a delicious and heart-healthy lunch catered by Summit County restaurants, danced to the music of The Pine Beetles and 2 Dudz and enjoyed company and conversation with old and new friends. I couldn’t help but notice that the patrons of the face painting booth were not limited to kids this year!

I was very pleased to see that 35 people took advantage of the heart health screening that we offered for the first time this year. As many of you know, my brother Rob passed away a year and a half ago from a heart condition that could easily have been prevented had he been tested for it. This screening is one of many things my business partner, Mike Dudick, and I want to do to help others avoid Rob’s fate. Other offerings in the Vendor Festival area of Carter Park provided information and tools to promote heart health among all Walk participants and those they love.

If you haven’t had a chance to join us for the Rob Millisor Heart Health Walk yet, I sincerely hope that you’ll consider it for your early summer plans next year. Mike and I are committed to continuing this annual event far into the future, to help ensure that families everywhere will be able to enjoy each other’s love for many long, heart-healthy years!

Mike Millisor

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  1. Margie Gunther says:

    heard on the national news about the fires in Breckenridge. Are the fires anywhere near your properties esp.Peak 7? What is being done to contain the fires and potential damage? Love CO so hopefully the fires will be contained soon. Best wishes

    • Breckenridge Grand Vacations says:

      Hello Margie,
      With the help of local and federal resources, we are happy to report the fire is 85 percent contained and no longer represents a threat to the town or public. We are extremely grateful for the amazing job the firefighters and community did to keep all of its guests and residents safe.

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