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The Positive Impact of Nature

How often do you take a few minutes to really take in the natural world around you? Do you ever just look at the clouds or watch the plants blow in the wind? Really take a second to think about that. Living in Summit County, we have the luxury of having access to a number […]


Five Tips To Reduce Your Holiday Footprint

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and feasting. On the flip side, the holiday season is also a season of excess waste. Americans produce 25% more waste during this time of year, which is approximately 45 pounds per person per week! The packaging, containers, shipping, and gifts contribute to the substantial impact […]

Sustainable Picnic Challenge & RAM Walk Results

We had a very successful turnout for our Sustainable Picnic Challenge! There were 98 different groups or families who brought their own items, with 229 reusable items total! This number includes plates, bowls, knives and forks, cloth napkins, frisbees, Tupperware, bare hands, chopsticks, etc. Everyone got creative! The winners of our Sustainable Picnic Challenge raffle were: Robin Dew – Nalgene, bamboo […]


It’s no secret that people struggle with recycling correctly. As responsible consumers, we find ourselves trying to do the right thing but sometimes, this leads to “wish-cycling.” Unfortunately, wish-cycling can contaminate entire recycling loads that are otherwise clean. It’s very important that you check local regulations any time you travel and wish to recycle or compost. Each […]

Breckenridge Grand Vacations hosting local World Clean-up Day

The Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV) Sustainability Department hosts World Cleanup Day for owners, guests and employees to take part in beautifying Breckenridge by cleaning up trash around the town. This is the second clean-up day this year, following the annual spring clean-up hosted by the Town of Breckenridge. World Cleanup Day is an international event […]


Great Summer Local Initiatives

Spring has already tried to make its way through the snow a couple times here in Summit County, as is tradition, and summer is nearly upon us. This is the time of year we tend to start switching out our beloved snow gear for hikes and bikes. There is an added element to this year, […]