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2022 Recap


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Zero Waste Volunteers and Sustainable Champions

As we move into the new year, the BGV Sustainability team has been reflecting on the many accomplishments of 2022 and setting our sights on the ambitious goals that lie ahead. 2022 was another successful year marked by incremental improvements and achievements across all departments and properties. Like any good New Year’s Resolution, small steps add up to achieving big changes! 

We invite you to celebrate our 2022 wins with us and look forward to your continued support of BGV’s future sustainability goals!

2022 Accomplishments

Resort and Departmental Efforts

  • Our Housekeeping teams began refilling dish soap bottles – saving approximately 1000 plastic bottles from the landfill.
  • Housekeeping and Engineering teams repaired damaged pillows, curtains, and appliances to reduce waste.
  • Hundreds of batteries were saved from the landfill by transitioning to rechargeable batteries for computer mice, TV remotes, etc.
  • Grand Colorado added an on-property electronics recycling program.
  • We improved trash and dumpster signage to streamline recycling efforts
  • Compost bins were added to many units to facilitate composting for owners and guests.
  • Grand Colorado removed plastic water bottles from the market, opting for reusable, aluminum bottles.
  • Front Desk staff encouraged owners and guests to reduce plastic bottle use by promoting water bottle refilling stations.
  • Front Desk staff implemented a program to recycle damaged or broken wristbands.
  • Grand Timber Lodge switched to silicon baking mats for cookies rather than disposable wax paper.
  • BGV Sustainability improved recycling signage at our employee housing location, Moose Landing.
  • Our Marketing team implemented food scrap composting in the office.
  • Departments across the board saw a drastic reduction in paper waste by accessing resources and materials electronically.
  • For company events, we made the switch to aluminum or durable cups to deter plastic waste.
  • Grand Lodge on Peak 7 implemented a No Bags in Recycling Bins initiative, saving about 34,000 plastic bags from ending up in recycling bins.
  • And so much more!

Waste Diversion and Energy Use

  • We installed two new electric vehicle charging stations leading us to have 8 total dual port stations on properties! Since these stations have been up and running, we have avoided 45,337 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. At the time of writing this article, this is like planting 1,162 trees and letting them grow for 10 years. 
  • Our solar farm investment produced 323,927 kilowatt hours of electricity. This offsets energy usage at both the Breck Inn and our administrative office at Lincoln West Mall. 
  • For 2022, we diverted 33% of all BGV waste – 559,454 pounds were kept out of landfills! 
  • The RAM Walk saw a 72% diversion rate with 250 pounds of trash and 948 pounds of recycling diverted. 
  • Employee picnic saw a 92% diversion rate with only 22 pounds of actual trash! 258 pounds of recycling were collected.
  • Employees participated in the Sustainable Picnic Challenge- bringing their own plates, utensils, and cups to the company picnic!

Sustainability Events and Programs

Our BGV team members volunteered their time at multiple sustainability events and programs throughout the year. A few examples are as follows:

  • Thirty employees picked up nearly 400 pounds of trash to beautify Breckenridge for World Cleanup Day.
  • For America Recycles Day, The Sustainability Team bounced around to each department and every property to quiz employees on their recycling knowledge. Recyclables and nonrecyclables were dumped on the floor and teams were timed to sort each item into the appropriate bin. There were some tricky objects in there like paper cups and pizza boxes. Prizes varied from lottery tickets, metal straws, luggage tags from upcycled banners, and candy. 
  • BGV’s food scrap enrollment initiative added nearly 20 new members to High Country Conservation Center’s free food scrap composting program.
  • The Sustainable Champions program is made up of employees in departments across the company to keep tabs on sustainability efforts within their team and help to implement initiatives.
  • Staff members participated in community cleanups, trail work projects, community events as “Zero Waste Warriors”, and other volunteer projects throughout the year. Our employees donated 4,696 volunteer hours to our community! 

2023 Goals

Sustainability Goals

  • Reduce GHG Emissions from energy usage 50% per square foot by 2030.
  • Increase renewable electricity offset to 100% by 2025
  • Increase waste diversion to 80% by 2030, by reducing at a rate of 5% per year.
  • Increase alternate transportation.
  • 200 electric vehicle charging stations by 2030
  • Adhere to responsible purchasing standards by purchasing responsibly, locally, and recycled materials when possible.

Want to help us achieve our sustainability goals? On your next visit to Breckenridge, participate in our Sustainable Stays program! You can make a difference by setting your thermostat between 65 and 68 degrees, reusing bath and pool towels, turning off the lights and television when not in use, reusing your water bottle and shopping bags, and separating your recycling and compost appropriately. Your support makes a difference- thank you!