BGV Sustainability

2023 Year-In-Review


Pounds of Waste Diverted


Number of EV Charging Stations Installed


MMBtu of Carbon Emissions Avoided via Natural Gas Reduction Projects


Pieces of Plasticware Avoided with Durable Dishware

As we move into the new year, the BGV Sustainability team has been reflecting on the many accomplishments of 2023 and setting our sights on the ambitious goals ahead. 2023 was another successful year marked by incremental improvements and achievements across all departments and properties. Like any good New Year’s Resolution, small steps add up to achieving significant changes! 

We invite you to celebrate our 2023 wins with us and look forward to your continued support of BGV’s future sustainability goals!


2023 Accomplishments

In 2023, we continued our commitment to implementing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our resorts. We installed 4 new dual port Level 2 stations throughout the year. In total, our goal is to implement 100 stations (200 ports) at our resorts, offices, and employee housing in the years to come. The accumulation from people using our EV stations has saved 40,430 kg (about 89,132.79 lb.) or 40.4 Metric Tons of GHG (greenhouse gas), equivalent to not using 4,549 gallons (about 17,219.83 L) of gas. This is the equivalent of taking 9 passenger vehicles off the road for one year! Our number of users nearly doubled from 2022!

In addition to our EV charging station initiative, BGV-ers also once again participated in our annual Green Commute Challenge! From April to September, 277 entries were submitted, recording a total of 2,007 number of miles traveled! Overall, employees preferred to cycle as their method of green travel, commuting over 738 miles on a bike!

As you plan your Breckenridge vacation, consider using public transportation and group shuttles rather than individual vehicles. This will help us to meet our goals, reduce traffic in town, and create a happier environment.