Breckenridge Creative Arts

Breckenridge Creative Arts, known as BreckCreate, is a local organization devoted to promoting arts, culture, and creative experiences. Since 2014, BreckCreate has been nurturing creativity and community through its program activities. BreckCreate is an affiliation of several local organizations including Breckenridge Backstage Theatre, Breckenridge Film Festival, Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Breckenridge Music, and the National Repertory Orchestra. Support this local organization by signing up for one of their many classes, attending an event or festival, or taking a tour to see Breckenridge’s history!

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Classes & Workshops

Find a BreckCreate class or studio to express your creativity and learn something new! With classes ranging from ceramics to glassblowing to open studios and more, there is something for everybody from novice to expert. There are even fun courses available for the whole family to enjoy together! Explore their calendar to find the perfect class for you. Read course descriptions provided by BreckCreate below! Courses subject to change.

Toddler Art: Bring your toddler to the Arts District Campus for a mini-class for mini-artists. Projects are thirty minutes long and will provide parents an opportunity to be creative with their young ones. Ages 1-5

Afterschool Art: Get creative in a fun and relaxed environment! During each session, children will work on a new project, pushing the boundaries of imagination and invention. They will have the opportunity to explore new materials and techniques using a variety of mediums. Ages 6 and up.

Muddy Buddies: What kid doesn’t like to play with clay?! Kids will learn the basics of working with clay while also exploring additional material possibilities. Age 6+

Family Fiber Arts: This class is for parents and their children of all ages to explore together different techniques in the realm of textiles and fiber arts. Each week a different textile technique will be introduced, from weaving, latch-hook, embroidery and more. Creativity, experimentation and unconventional approaches are encouraged. Ages 6+

Young Writer’s Club: Join us each week for inspiration, collaboration, and guidance in creative writing. We spend time each week writing, discussing a different novel, sharing our work and offering positive feedback for each other’s writing. Free journals are available to all students. Ages 10-14 (flexible)

Teen Painting: Participants will be introduced to working with a variety of paint medium, such as acrylic, watercolor and ink. We’ll also go over different techniques for setting up your composition, mixing color, stylization, and other approaches to painting, whether that is from a picture, your imagination or painting from life. Ages 12-17

Family Mug Making: Enjoy a hands on clay class with the whole family. In this class participants will each construct a clay mug and decorate the surface with ceramic glaze paints. For younger participants, parent/guardian supervision and assistance is needed. Ages 5 and up.

Clay Hand Building: This class will experience clay hand building through the method of slab construction and slab manipulation, pinching, and coiling to create decorative and also functional pieces. Projects will include cylinder vessels, slab boxes, and pockets, tumblers, cups, mugs, and plates. This class will also explore surface decorating techniques using underglazes and sgraffito as well as texture techniques and slip trailing that will make your utilitarian pieces come to life with design.

Beginner Wheel-Throwing: This adult class offers an introduction to the comprehensive process of ceramics and pottery, and students will practice both wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Other skills that will be covered include: wedging, trimming, and attachments. Each class will start with a specific skill-focused demonstration, and students can expect supportive guidance from our instructor.

Intermediate Ceramics- Vessel Shapes: This class is designed for the intermediate potter who can center and throw a tall cylinder and is ready to grow and advance to the next level of pottery shape making. Each week this class will explore a different category, mug shapes and handles, vase shapes, and bowl shapes as well as discuss multiple surfaces decorating ideas for thrown vessels in each class.

Glazing Techniques: This class will discuss and demonstrate proper ceramic glazing techniques for mid-range-firing. Perfect for the student who has made ceramic pieces and needs glaze instruction or for experienced students that would like to learn new glazing techniques.

Family Mug Making: Enjoy a hands on clay class with the whole family, ages 5 and up. In this class participants will each construct a clay mug and decorate the surface with ceramic glaze paints. For younger participants, parent/guardian supervision and assistance is needed.

Muddy Buddies: What kid doesn’t like to play with clay?! Kids will learn the basics of working with clay while also exploring additional material possibilities.

Woodworking for Artists: Frames & Displays: In this class, participants will receive step-by-step instructions on how to make a shadow box that can be used as a frame or a display. A shadowbox adds depth to the subject, whether it be a photo, painting, or sculptural piece.  These will be created with a tea light holder to give the displayed object an elegant look.

Beginner Woodworking Projects: During this class, you will learn power tool safety along with the correct tool to use for each application. You’ll create simple projects that will enforce your newly learned skills and will be completed by the end of class.

Woodworking: Floating Shelves: In this class, you will learn how to build a floating shelf from start to finish. We will walk you through the tools and materials needed to build your shelf and show you how to use all the necessary tools safely.

Beginner Metalsmithing: In this class, students will be exposed to a new technique every week. No experience is required. Students will be able to take home a finished project each week and will develop skills to explore their practice independently.

Beginner Drawing: Each week we will go over tips and tricks to learn how to draw from life. We’ll go over a variety of approaches to starting a drawing as well as explore different drawing mediums.

Beginner Oil Painting: Enjoy the adventure of creating your own work of art each week while becoming familiar with the basic methods, techniques, and tools of oil painting on canvas. Create a new painting each week while learning to use a variety of oils, solvents, brushes, and supports.

2-D Mixed Media Techniques: Allow your creative self to just play while learning how to experiment with and combine different art mediums. This class is focused on experimentation and exploration as we learn some of the essential properties, compatibility, and possibilities of drawing and painting mediums; including some art mediums you may unknowingly already have in your household.

Watercolor Splash: Classes for beginner and intermediate painters. Each class will have a specific focus on how to paint Fall Colors. The first two classes will be painted outdoors and the last two indoors. The instructor will provide reference materials or students are welcome to bring their own.

Teen Painting: Participants will be introduced to working with a variety of paint mediums, such as acrylic, watercolor, and ink. We’ll also go over different techniques for setting up your composition, mixing color, stylization, and other approaches to painting, whether that is from a picture, your imagination or painting from life. Teens are encouraged to bring a few images of inspiration to have on hand for in-class painting exercises.

Beginner Glassblowing: Learn the art of lampworking (a form of glassblowing) by developing and honing your skills. Work with a torch and flame to melt glass rods into works of art and explore the possibilities of Borosilicate glass. Your creativity will blossom as you craft pendants, beads, marbles and so much more.

Glass Blown Beads and Jewelry: Join glass artist and jewelry maker, Tricia Stokes for two days of Hot Shop fun! Day one will focus on learning the art of creating glass-blown beads. Day two, you’ll get to use your created beads to make fashionable jewelry pieces.

Wire-Wrapped Jewelry: Join us every other Wednesday to learn the art of wire-wrapped jewelry! Participants will create a pendant or earrings by forming wire into a beautiful holder for a natural stone.

Glass-Blown Beads and Jewelry: Join glass artist and jewelry maker, Tricia Stokes for two days of Hot Shop fun! Day one will focus on learning the art of creating glass-blown beads. Day two, you’ll get to use your created beads to make fashionable jewelry pieces.

Beginner Crochet: This class is for both absolute beginners and those that are perfecting basics and wanting to learn more stitches and techniques. We will cover chains, basic stitches, transitioning rows, changing widths, and working in the round, and then discuss and/or learn “next level” techniques used in many projects. We will look at yarn, tool choices, patterns, and project types, then either complete a small item or start a slightly larger one to finish at home.

Date Night!: Get crafty with your significant other for a date night! New options available each month- enjoy these examples of what to expect. Visit the events calendar for current options.

  • Handmade Valentines: Come mingle with other couples and make the special gift of a personalized Valentine. Enjoy a drink and learn the arts of papercraft and mixed media techniques to create a truly unique card or two!  The instructor will provide reference materials or you can bring your own.
  • I Love You To Pieces!- Mosaics: Come mingle with other couples and learn the art of mosaics!  Enjoy a drink while creating a heart-shaped mixed media mosaic, using a no-grout technique.  Participants can expect to practice composition, glass and tile cutting, contrast, and movement, to complete a unique Valentine’s gift for their special someone.

Essential Oils 101: Learn the safe uses of essential oils for altering mood and enhancing wellbeing.

Ukrainian Egg Decorating: Learn the art of Pysanky just in time for Easter! Pysanky is the Ukrainian tradition of decorating and dying eggs for Easter using a wax-resist method. Participants can expect to make up to six eggs in one class. Designs will be provided or people can bring their own. Due to the use of fire and hot wax, we recommend this class for ages 15+.

Ceramics Open Studio: Open Studios are an opportunity to explore a medium independently. Studio technicians will be present to orient participants, but these sessions are not led by an instructor. Prior to attending on Open Studio session, participants must have taken a class on campus.

Co-Op Artists: Local artists work on the Arts District campus and provide working studio hours for visitors to observe their process.

Creative Community

The foundation of the Breckenridge Creative Arts community is several local cultural organizations. Together these organizations, under the umbrella of BreckCreate, work to create a thriving Arts District to support and promote the arts, culture, and creativity. Explore these organizations and their programs below!

Breckenridge Backstage Theater

  • A non-profit, community theater company
  • Musicals and play performances year-round
  • Offers acting classes

Breckenridge Heritage Alliance

  • BHA has a mission to preserve unique historic resources in the Breckenridge area, connecting residents and visitors to our past and heritage
  • Offers several tours hosted by local experts
  • Special events throughout the year provide additional educational opportunities

Breck Film

  • Prominent non-profit with a mission to educate, entertain, and inspire through film.
  • Outreach and Education programs are designed to drive conversations and inclusivity, bringing together different demographics and belief systems.
  • Host of the Breckenridge Film Festival 

Breck Music

  • Breck Music has a vision in which everyone discovers, experiences, values, and is connected by the power of music through its three core programs

National Repertory Orchestra

  • NRO Mission: Intensive summer music festival developing diverse, thoughtful, and socially conscious musicians through experiential learning. We inspire young musicians to be great leaders in their communities while changing lives through music!
  • The Orchestra is composed of young professional musicians and auditions nearly 1,000 musicians per year!
  • Youth and Music Education: NRO believes music is for everyone and provides the community with free musical events.

BCA Curates

  • A program of temporary installations, interventions and art happenings within the Breckenridge Arts District and other public spaces. It includes the acquisition, conservation and preservation of the growing Town of Breckenridge public art collection, as well as festivals, exhibitions and special events that feature curated content.
  • Public Art
  • Artists in Residence
  • Galleries & Creatives

BCA Presents

Heritage & Museum

BreckCreate, through its partnership with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, takes patrons back in time to experience the history of Breckenridge! These specialized tours take us from Indigenous settlement and culture to mining history, from skiing up to the present day. Learn more about the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance and find the perfect tour for you. Visit the calendar of events here and read the tour descriptions below!

Born into slavery, Barney Ford endured racism and financial hardship to become one of Colorado’s most prominent businessmen and civil rights pioneers. Free; $5 suggested donation

The historic homes, stores, and mines still standing in Breckenridge today could not have existed without the sawmills that processed trees cleared from local hillsides. One of our newest attractions, the sawmill museum offers a self-guided tour of the equipment used by early frontiersmen to cut and prepare timbers for construction.

December 16, 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Breckenridge Ski Resort. To celebrate this history and the people who made it, the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance will present a new exhibit, “60 Years of Breckenridge Ski Resort History in 60 Objects.” From skis and snowboards to clothing and trail maps, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – and a few items that are sure to surprise visitors. Objects cover all six decades of the resort’s history and range in size from a coin to a chairlift. This exhibit doesn’t follow a chronological history of the resort, but rather tells the stories that have helped to shape it via the artifacts on display. There’s even room for visitors to add their own story and explain what objects have created their Breckenridge skiing or snowboarding experience.

As in most frontier mountain towns, Breckenridge had many saloons and brothels. Join this adults-only tour to learn more! Advance reservations and payment required. $25/adult (ages 21+)

Edwin Carter was a miner-turned-taxidermist and environmental conservationist. This museum has hands-on exhibits great for kids.
Free; $5 suggested donation.

Train enthusiasts will delight in this original narrow-gauge engine, rotary snowplow, and other railroad artifacts. Kids will love the train-themed playground! The park and playground are open year-round during daylight hours with self-guided exhibits. Museum is closed for the season.

Join this downtown tour of our nationally recognized Historic District for an overview of Breckenridge history. Advance reservations and payment required.  $20/adult;  $10/child

Explore the Golden Horseshoe, one of Colorado’s most fertile mining regions and home to dozens of early mining operations. Advance reservations and payment required. $25/adult;  $15/child

The Breckenridge public art collection engages passersby from all walks of life, inciting conversation around topics that are quintessentially Breckenridge, from the picturesque mountain environment to rich local history. Pieces in the permanent collection occupy carefully-selected public spaces throughout town, and are thoughtfully curated to enhance the collective aesthetic experience of locals and visitors alike. In addition to the permanent collection, temporary and ephemeral installations bolster the experience of Breckenridge as a haven for creativity high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Arts District

Located between Main and Ridge Streets, between Lincoln and Washington Avenues, the Arts District is the cultural center of Breckenridge! Composed of renovated historic structures, this region is described by BreckCreate as “a hub for creative experience, bringing together studios, galleries, performance spaces, historic landmarks, public art [that]…populate a vibrant cultural corridor in downtown Breckenridge.” Pay a visit to this unique, artistic district to see the Breckenridge beyond the resort!

Location: 121 S Ridge St, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Theatrical productions, concerts, film, screenings, meetings, and guest speakers.

Description: Originally constructed in 1968, the Breckenridge Theater underwent many renovations- restaurants, saloons, even a bronze foundry before becoming the theater we know and love today. After a remodel in 2002, the Breckenridge Theater became permanent home to Breckenridge Backstage Theatre- the resident company. The can seat 137 for these community-based productions.

Location: 129 S. Ridge St, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Public restrooms and storage

Description: This might be the most interesting public restaurant you will ever use! Originally built in 1889, the Burro Barn originated as a shelter for the hardworking pack burros of the early prospectors.

Location: 125 S. Ridge St, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Ceramics

Description: This contemporary building was constructed recently in 2014, becoming the “ceramics center of the Breckenridge Arts District.” The architectural style harkens to the original gold-mining buildings of Breckenridge. This building is designed to accommodate the ceramics and art classes of the BCA with nine throwing wheels, two kilns, slab roller, glaze-mixing room, and more.

Location: 110 E Washington Ave, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Woodworking, Painting, Drawing

Description: This building was originally a horse stable for J.P. Fuqua and was constructed in 1880 and was carefully renovated in 2008. The horse stalls and hayloft remain intact today and the stable is used for workshops as well as demonstrations by local artists-in-residence.

Location: 123 S. Ridge St, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Metalsmithing, glasswork, welding

Description: Constructed in 2014, the Hot Shop is the workplace for “hot arts” such as silversmithing, welding, glassblowing, and more. Although this is contemporary construction, the Hot Shop was built in the style of the historic structures of the Arts District. Visit the Hot Shop for demonstrations or learn a new skill by taking a class!

Location: 117 E. Washington Ave, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Live/work studio for visiting artists

Description: True to its name, the J.R. Hodges Tin Shop, constructed in 1883, produced tin products during the mining era such as lunch pails and ceiling panels for homes. Today, the Tin Shop houses visiting artists who host open studios and workshops, displaying and demonstrating their craft.

Location: 117 E. Washington Ave, Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Pit, wood, raku firing

Description: At the corner of Ridge and Washington Streets, the kiln yard is home to outdoor, wood-fire and pit-fire kilns. Spectators can watch as fired pieces are fired and removed to cool, producing lovely and unique works of ceramic art.

Location: 136 S. Main St., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Non-studio specific classes and workshops

Description: The Old Masonic Hall was constructed in 1892 and served a variety of purposes- a grocery store, a medical office, and a meeting place for Masons. Today the Old Masonic Hall hosts an equally broad range of purposes. The top floor hosts yoga, dance, and healing arts, art courses, and kids camps. The building was carefully renovated in 2015 using historically appropriate details and photographs as inspiration.

Location: 133 S. Ridge St., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Children’s multimedia workshops

Description: This mid-century building was constructed in 1952 by volunteers of the Red, White, and Blue Fire Districted and raffled as a fundraiser. From then until 2007, it was the home of an antique store. In 2007 the cabin was donated to the Arts District. Today, the Quandary Antiques Cabin is hosts workshops and classes for children!

Location: 114 E. Washington Ave., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Painting, printmaking, and textiles

Description: The Randall Barn was constructed in1902, but its original purpose is somewhat unknown. The Randall family purchased the barn after World War II and was eventually donated to the town of Breckenridge. After a renovation in 2014 the Randall Barn now houses workshops in printmaking and textiles.

Location: 117 E. Washington Ave., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Special Events

Description: This open space hosts special events, transforming the corner into a public venue. With events such as festivals, creative experiences, concerts, movie screenings, and more. During the summer, this is a comfortable outdoor hang-out area, hosting outdoor yoga classes and more.

Location: 150 W. Adams Ave., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Performances- local orchestras, bands, musicians, multimedia events

Description: The largest venue in the BreckCreate organization, the Riverwalk Center is a 750-seat performance venue. The Riverwalk Center hosts the Breckenridge Music Festival, National Repertory Orchestra, bands, musicians, multimedia events, and more. During winter the venue is heated and in the summer, the large glass doors open to the large lawn on the banks of the Blue River.

Location: 127 S. Ridge St., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Live/work studio for visiting artists

Description: The house was constructed in 1889 by an early pioneer Robert Whyte; and renovated in 2014. The renovations were exceedingly mindful, occupying the same footprint as the original, hardwood floors salvaged from a 1909 schoolhouse, original foundation stones are used in the landscaping, along with other historic details. Today, the Whyte house provides a residence and workspace for visiting artists.

Location: 103 S. Harris St., Breckenridge, CO

Medium: Film screenings, community events

Description: Managed by Breckenridge Creative Arts and operated by Breck Film, The Eclipse Theater is a 150-seat theater that screens blockbusters, classics, independent and art house films. Located in a historic 1909 schoolhouse, the renovated theater offers digital pictures and sound and partners with local breweries and wineries for beverages!