Wildflowers you will see in Breckenridge

Breckenridge wildflowers are in bloom from late April through early October and this is arguably the most beautiful time of the year! The mountains of Breckenridge will be exploding with color. There are many local wildflowers; below are a few and where they are most commonly seen. We have also put together a couple of wildflower viewing spots and hikes for you!

Wild Iris

Primarily seen in marshy areas (wetlands), the Wild Iris will begin to show its beauty through July. The best place to see the Wild Iris is near the Breckenridge Ice Arena and surrounding areas.


The Columbine is Colorado’s state flower! You can find the Columbine mostly in forested areas with not a lot of sun. The Columbine can be found in various colors, but the white and lavender colors are the most typical.


Mostly seen between June and August and can be found all over town, mainly on the slopes. The Paintbrush is a fascinating flower and if you look very closely, the flowers are green tubular’s poking out of that scarlet red.

Wild Rose

Just like the Rose, the Wild Rose grows from a thorny bush. You will mostly find the Wild Rose in dryer areas such as a meadow or forest. You may find some in a plush pink color or a very vibrant Fuschia color.

Heartleaf Arnica

The Heartleaf Arnica is primarily found in darker, moist areas. They can be found on Moonstone trail above Carter Park. When you find one, you are bound to find lots and they like to stem from the forest floor in clusters.


The Lupine can range from a bluish-purple to a white color. They are found in various landscapes – roadside, forests, meadow and can also be found mountaintop through August.

Best Wildflower Viewing Spots in Breckenridge

Carter Park

Carter Park may be known for its sledding hill or even the dog park, but there is a short hike up the hill and after a couple of switchbacks, you will stumble upon the Ten Mile Range! Looking out, you will see a variety of wildflowers and it has become one of our favorite wildflower viewing areas.

Boreas Pass

Along Boreas Pass Road, there are a variety of open meadows that are filled with wildflowers. On Boreas, you can either hike your way along, mountain bike or take a 4WD vehicle for a ride. It has beautiful views all along the way!

Breckenridge Ski Resort

As soon as the snow starts melting, the Breckenridge Ski Resort becomes filled with summer blooms. During the summer months, you can take the chairlift up and hike down, or you can wander around the ski resort and admire the variety of wildflowers. You may find lupines, paintbrushes and sunflowers.

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Breckenridge wildflowers are in bloom from late April through early October and this is arguably the most beautiful time of the year! The mountains of Breckenridge will be exploding with color. There are many local wildflowers; below are a few…

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