Get your hiking shoes ready because summer is just around the corner! This warm weather has us excited for alpine lakes, scenic vistas, and time on the trail. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and experience the outdoors but it is important to be prepared no matter your experience level. Make sure […]

The Blue River is a 65-mile-long river that winds its way through the heart of Breckenridge. This river is part of a larger drainage area known as the Blue River Watershed, which encompasses all of Summit County. Blue River Watershed Group is a local, non-profit organization that works to protect and restore the rivers that we love so much. Learn more about this organization and the invaluable work they do for our community!

In parts of Mexico, particularly in the town of Puebla, the holiday is celebrated with military reenactments, parades, cultural festivals, dancing, and food. North of the border, celebrations look a little different, but the holiday is still a great excuse to eat delicious Mexican food and drink a margarita or two. Check out the delicious […]

There are few things that pair together better than chilly weather and hand-crafted cocktails. Something about sipping on a cocktail apres-ski beside the fire feels like a hug from the inside. While it is known far and wide that Colorado has set the standard in craft beer, the craft distilling industry in the Centennial State […]

One of the things the many things that make Colorado so magical is the assortment of creatures that call the centennial state home! From the trout that swim in our rivers to evasive big cats, from gigantic moose to the tiny chipmunk, our wildlife is varied and plentiful. While there are hundreds of species in […]

Elevation in Breckenridge is around a staggering 10,000 feet! At higher elevation, the air pressure is lower with about 25% less oxygen than sea level. For some, this extreme elevation and “thinner air” can cause a range of symptoms related to altitude sickness. Altitude sickness varies in intensity from acute to severe and can really […]