Elevation in Breckenridge ranges from 9,600 to 12,840, depending on your chosen activities. This extreme change in elevation can cause anything from a minor headache to severe nausea that will keep you bedridden.

There are a variety of actions* you can take in advance and while on vacation to help manage these symptoms. Take a look at our preventative and while-on-vacation tips below!

*Please note that not all items listed below are suitable to everyone. While we encourage all guests to look into altitude adjustment options, please also consult your primary physician to make sure they would be appropriate for you and your lifestyle.   


MEDICATION: Diamox is a pill that can be prescribed by your primary physician. It is used to help prevent or reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness. It can help with headaches, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. It is best to start Diamox one to two days before your trip to Breckenridge and continue taking the recommended dosage during your entire stay. Please consult your primary physician to determine if Diamox would be appropriate for you to take.

HYDRATE: Drink plenty of water leading up to the trip and while traveling. Drinking two to three liters of water before the trip can help prepare your body in advance. Pack a reusable water bottle for the trip and fill it often! Plan on drinking at least twice as much water per day as you normally do.

DIET: Potassium and complex carbohydrates are going to be your friends. Fill your pre-vacation diet with plenty of broccoli, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, whole grains, and pastas. The potassium will help with the acclimatizing process and the complex carbohydrates will help stabilize your blood pressure and blood sugar. Do decrease your salt intake, as salt causes dehydration of your body’s tissues.

WORKOUT: Increasing your fitness level will help your body during any type of sickness. While being in shape cannot prevent altitude sickness, it can help you breathe, even during simple activities like walking around town or doing a simple hike. Start taking family walks, hitting the gym, or just making time for 30 minutes of daily activity.



OXYGEN: Renting an oxygen concentrator can potentially change the direction your vacation is heading. You will need a prescription from your physician in order to rent oxygen. You should also consult your physician to make sure that oxygen is the right option for you.

After consulting your physician and receiving an oxygen prescription, there are a few oxygen rental companies in Summit County and many of these companies will drop off and pick up these units from your lodging location. These rentals aren’t cheap, but they can help save your vacation from being ruined. Oxygen concentrators run from $275 to $655, depending on the length of your stay and number of people needing to use the concentrator. A few companies that provide oxygen rentals are shown below.

Alpine Oxygen

  • 4-7 day rental: $420, 10 liter, can accommodate two users at the same time
  • 5-7 day rental: $300, 10 liter old model, can accommodate two users at the same time
  • 4-7 day rental: $350, 5 liter, single user

Summit Oxygen

  • Single User: $125 for first day, $50 each additional day, $275 maximum per week
  • Portable Tanks: $50.00 per week (smaller size), $60 per week (larger size)

The Oxygen Guys

  • Single User: $150 for first night, $50 each additional night, $300 week rental

IV: If dehydration becomes a problem an IV could be the answer to your problem. For a solution that doesn’t require an emergency room, you can make an appointment at Vida-Flo. Vida-Flo is located on Main Street and offers IV bag treatments with free oxygen. For more information about Vida-Flo, click here. For a more serious case of dehydration, the closest emergency room is located at St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center in Frisco. While we hope this option is never needed, it is important to know that altitude sickness should be taken seriously.

ALTITUDE RELIEF MASSAGE: Book an appointment at Refresh Spa for an Altitude Relief Massage. This massage is designed to help you adjust to Summit County’s high elevation using Clear My Head products, which are created to specifically ease away sinus and headache pressure. Includes 30 minute concentration on reducing inflammation, fatigue and tension in the head, neck and shoulders; a 50 minute Swedish Massage, and oxygen inhalation throughout the massage.


Additional Oxygen Treatments

  • 30 minute Oxygen Inhalation – $35
  • 60 minute Oxygen Inhalation – $65