Located at the top of Boreas Pass this is a trail with views for days. While not the best marked, this is a perfect trail for those seeking a little adventure. With wildflowers and tree stumps covering the hillsides, this is a stunning trail. We hiked this later in the night, but would recommend it at […]

IMG_6363 IMG_6392 IMG_6409It’s finally summertime! The kids are out of school and the options of things to do are endless. Between the Peak 8 Fun Park, rafting, hiking and biking, there is never enough time in the day to do everything.

For a chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card, what has been your favorite thing you have done so far this summer in Breckenridge? Comment and share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, below or email your answers to customerservice@breckgv.com!

Congratulations to last month’s winner Douglas Luithly and take a look at some of the recommended merchant partners to try this summer (there is still plenty of time to try them all)!

“MiCasa” – Richard Powell

“We love Mi Casa!” – Diane Terpsma

“Love Hearthstone Victoria Dinning and Columbine Cafe and appreciate the discount.” – Rosemary Samuelson

“Best Tuna steak in the country!” – Rod Williams

“Two Wild Sisters!!” – Nancy Golio

“My preferred partner is MiCasa Mexican Restaurant. Yummy!” – Jeff Gottlob

“The Lodgepole Bar and Grill at the Grand Timber Lodge!” – Melissa

“Columbine Café” – Lester Lim

“Downstairs at Eric’s – has a claw game my kids actually win at! Woot woot!” – Chris

“Kenosha Steak please!” – Carol Kerber

“Breckenridge Brewery.” – June Skinner

“Performance Tours.” – Douglas Luithly

“We love The Warming Hut, if you have not tried it, you should soon. Columbine is always great too.” – Laura Cohen

“We always love to go to Hearthstone.” – Brad McIntyre

“Kenosha Steakhouse is one of our favs!” – Dana Kruse

“Crepes a la Cart…the guys really hook it up and love the great smooth taste of the Marley coffee.” – Kelly:

“Downstairs at Eric’s.” – Melissa

“Goods……I always seem to find something there that I ‘just gotta have’! ” – Beverly Thomson

MikeThe View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

Each June I present my “Fireside Chat” to all BGV employees, bringing them up to date on pretty much everything going on in the company, from finances to resort updates to company benefits to our owner satisfaction ratings.  We consider them all stakeholders in the company, and we treat them as such by being as transparent as possible.

As part of this presentation to employees, I also share with them information concerning the company’s philanthropic giving over the previous year.  I do this not to pat myself and my partners on the back, but to instill in our employees a sense of the value of giving back to this community, which gives us all so much.

In preparation for this year’s Fireside Chat, we calculated a number that I want to share with you as well.  That is, over the past ten years, Breckenridge Grand Vacations has contributed $4.8 million to local nonprofit organizations.

Even I was surprised by that number.  Since the very beginning, my partners and I have shared a passion for contributing to the welfare of our employees and the larger community.  Our giving priorities focus on health and human services, providing support for the basic needs of individuals and families in Breckenridge and Summit County.

We are committed to making our community a better place to live for the hundreds of families who work here and raise their families here – and who help to provide the many opportunities you enjoy every time you visit.

We also know that we could not have enjoyed the success we have attained without the talents and energies of our employees, so each year we reward them with a bonus based on the company’s performance.

Why should you care about our local efforts?  On the most practical level, I would suggest that secure and happy employees provide the best service to our owners and guests.  But even more than that, I hope it makes you proud to be part of an organization that considers the ability to give back an essential element of success in business.  I hope you feel good knowing that not only have you invested in a lifetime of grand vacations with family and friends, but that you have thereby invested in the community that makes those memories possible.

I do know that many of you are involved in valuable nonprofit organizations in your own communities.  Each year, we receive hundreds of requests from BGV vacation owners, asking us to contribute sponsorships or in-kind gifts for their fundraising efforts.  Though all of the organizations are clearly worthy, we simply are not able to contribute to all.  That is one of the reasons we have chosen to focus on our local nonprofits, but I do want to express my appreciation for all you do to help the valuable efforts in your area.

I thank you once again, as I have done so often before, for choosing to join the BGV family.  As we have been able to contribute to the strength of our town and county, it is you who have helped to make that possible, and I hope you’ll remember that the next time you come to Breckenridge and experience the treasures we all delight in.

Mike Millisor

6.7.15_4 6.7.15_7 6.7.15_11Construction on Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is well underway. As of June 30 the following has been taking place:

  • Concrete work will be complete in Phase 1 over the next 2 – 3 weeks
  • Steel is set through Phase 2 and we have started on 1F and 2F in Phase 3
  • The framing is 90% complete in the Phase 1 residential units, 2F – 5F
  • We began hanging drywall in the residential units, 2F
  • Fireplaces are being installed in the residential units, 2F – 3F
  • The windows continue to be installed
  • Exterior fascia and window trim is being installed in Phase 1
  • Work will begin in earnest on the pools, etc. within a couple of weeks