Green Tip

Help keep pesticides out of the environment by choosing organic, natural fiber clothing whenever possible. Check out, a green business directory, to find sources for eco-friendly fashion!

BGV’s Own Mrs. Breckenridge

irisIt wasn’t the chance for recognition or the prizes that motivated Iris Bradford, BGV Owner Support Specialist, to enter the Mrs. Colorado America pageant as the Mrs. Breckenridge representative. As she enters her 30th year of life, Iris is simply using the competition to inspire her to get into the best shape she has ever been, and be the strongest person she has ever been.

The Mrs. America Pageant franchise, of which Mrs. Colorado is one stage, seeks to recognize the contributions of married women to family life. In addition to beauty and physical fitness judging, contestants are urged to voice their opinions on marriage, community and important issues of the day.

Iris is preparing for the competition with kickboxing and strength training at Altus Training Facility every morning, as well as following a rigorous nutrition program. One of the most enjoyable parts of this Colorado native’s pre-pageant activities is meeting with people around the community to share her excitement about the great state and town she lives in. And she isn’t hesitant to let everyone know that BGV holds a significant place in the gratitude she feels for her life here.

The only thing that could make this experience even better for Iris, she says, is to have her BGV friends join her husband and two daughters in the audience to cheer her on. Follow Iris on her quest for the crown, “like” Mrs. Breckenridge 2015 on Facebook.

Tickets are currently on sale for the final pageant presentation at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver on April 18. Visit for more information.


Green Tip

It doesn’t matter what season we’re in, storms of any type can cause power outages. Most people are prepared to cope with them, and rely on the help of battery-powered devices such as flashlights, lanterns, radios, phone chargers and headlamps. One way to cut down on hazardous waste is by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. If you do use disposable batteries, purchase those with a low mercury content, which are both safer for the user and better for the environment.

View from the Bottom

MikeThe View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

As we wrap up 2014 and look down the road towards 2015, all of us at BGV have much to be grateful for. 2014 saw a number of milestones: 30 years of developing resorts in Breckenridge, expansion of our family to 20,000 timeshare owners, and the launch of sales for our newest property, Grand Colorado on Peak 8.

On December 5, our first day of sales for Grand Colorado on Peak 8 broke industry records. I am very proud of the hard work by all of our employees to make this possible, but I am most pleased because I have to believe that we have accomplished all we have because of the high standards we have set and maintain for service to our owners and guests. From the very first guest we welcomed to Gold Point back in 1984, my brother Rob, our partner Mike Dudick and I have made service the highest priority.

While our sales efforts now focus on the new resort, I want to assure you that each and every one of our resorts, and those of you who own there, are just as important as the newest one. Our high standards for service, accommodations, and amenities are the same for Gold Point, Grand Timber Lodge, Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and now for Grand Colorado on Peak 8.

There is no doubt that our properties get hard usage, and every week they are filled with families having fun. We work hard to maintain them at the level they were when they were first built and without having to raise HOA dues significantly year after year. Upkeep can certainly be a challenge, but we strive to retain our resorts’ level of value. I never want to hear anyone refer to any of our earlier constructed resorts as a “red-headed step child.” Each of our resorts bear special memories for me:  imagining them, building them, and inviting people to help create grand vacations.

As our family grows, we welcome more families to build their own memories around our resorts. I look forward to hearing about them for years to come.

Mike Millisor

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution While on Vacation

new_year_quote_w1024[1]The New Year is here and that means resolutions are being made. In 2014, 66% of resolutions were weight loss and fitness oriented and only 8% of people kept their resolutions. There is nothing harder than making your weight loss resolution and then heading off to the mountains for some vacation fun. Don’t be discouraged, Breckenridge is the perfect place to make and keep those resolutions. We have compiled a list of tips that will help you stay on track with your resolution while on vacation!


While we all like to think that calories don’t count on vacation, but the scale says differently when we get home. Eating on vacation is always a favorite past time and there is no reason you can’t go out and have some delicious food while in Breckenridge. Try one of our recommended places to eat that will help you keep those calories in check while offering great dining experiences!

Park and Main: Park and Main is known for delicious quality food that is a mixture of American and international flavors. Menu items vary but some favorites are:

  • The vegan arugula salad which contains roasted sweet potato, chick peas, pepperonata, zucchini, pickled onion and a sherry wine vinaigrette.
  • The roasted salt and pepper sweet potato sandwich with braised Tuscan kale, caramelized onion, cucumber, pickled carrot, cilantro, chili mayo on a toasted baguette.
  • The roasted beet sliders with herbed Colorado goat cheese, arugula, pickled and fresh onion, on a sweet potato bun.

Amazing Grace Natural Eatery: Amazing Grace is run under the philosophy that what you eat makes a big difference. Their food is made fresh-to-order from natural, wholesome ingredients. They have a breakfast and lunch menu which includes:

  • The BOB which includes three eggs scrambled with cheese, spinach and tomato that is served with whole wheat toast and your choice of veggie or organic chicken apple sausage.
  • Hummus delight sandwich with hummus, greens, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and sprouts.
  • Spicy tofu salad which contains mixed green, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, zucchini , sprouts and a scoop of spicy tofu salad.

Soupz On: With a daily changing menu SoupZon is located beside City Market and a quick stop for a great bite to eat. Your options can include the Southwest Quinoa Salad, Thai Peanut Vegetable soup, Italian Chopped Salad or whatever the daily specials are. The daily menu of soups, salads and sandwiches are listed online and updated each day.
Mountain Flying Fish: If you are willing to try something that requires a little work to eat but is worth the extra effort then Mountain Flying Fish is for you. With a menu full of seafood delights you won’t mind taking your time savoring every bite with those chopsticks. Try the Wa-Fu-Seviche that is full of various seafood, cucumber, avocado and seaweed with a citrus soy vinaigrette, or try your favorite seafood sashimi style!
Blue River Bistro: While Blue River is known for their two-for-one happy hours they also have a wonderful selections of salads and healthy entrees. Nothing about these options is traditional or boring. Check out two of our favorites:

  • Arugula salad with brown sugar & allspice Mahi Mahi with roasted pear, tossed cashews, golden raisins, goat cheese and an apple-poppy seed dressing.
  • Ruby Red Trout with sautéed sage & shallots, beet beurre blanc, basil oil, roasted portabella & thyme faro and sautéed spinach.


Whether your goal is to lose weight or just simply involve more exercise in your daily life Breckenridge is a perfect place for either. With a vast array of activities that will get your heart pumping and muscles working, you can stay on track while enjoy some of the most beautiful sights. Below are some suggested activities with a caloric burn estimate. Do one of these daily and you will have no problem staying on track with your New Year’s goals.

New Apparel:

Since only 8% of people stick to their goals it’s no surprise that loss of motivation is a huge factor in not keeping those resolutions. Nothing creates motivation like wanting to try out new gear, so do a little Main Street shopping to get your motivation at an all time high. Stop by Columbia and get some hiking boots to keep you motivated through the winter season, try Vertical Runner to get some new running shoes that will help you hit the pavement or maybe swinging on into Joy of Sox and get some fun socks that will help create a bit of joy while putting on your workout gear.

Whatever you do this vacation season, don’t forget that it is possible to have a fantastic vacation and keep those promises you made to yourself. Don’t let your resolutions put a damper on your vacation fun. Find a way to incorporate your goals into your everyday life, including your vacation life!

2014 Dew Tour

It’s not every day that Olympic Gold medalists are pulling tricks in your own backyard. Dew Tour turns this dream into a reality. Don’t miss your chance to watch your favorite ski and snowboarders take over the Breckenridge Ski Hill! Crowd favorites like Jamie Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg, David Wise, Kaitlyn Farrington and many more will be there. Come cheer on and get your chance to watch some of the best in their element. For the most recent news and standings go here.

Thursday, December 11th
9:30 – 11:30am – Men’s Freeski Slopestyle Semi-Final
12:30 – 2:30pm – Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Semi-Final
Friday, December 12th
9:30- 10:30am – Women’s Freeski Superpipe Final
11:30am – 1:30pm – Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Semi-Final
12:00 – 2:00pm – Men’s Freeski Superpipe Semi-Final
3:00 – 4:00pm – Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final
7:30pm – Main Street – Freeski and snowboard Streetstyle
Saturday, December 13th
9:00 – 10:00am –  Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Final
11:00 – 1:00pm – Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Final
1:30 – 2:00pm – Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Final
3:00 – 4:30pm – Men’s Freeski Superpipe Final
8:00pm – Concert at the Riverwalk Center – The Chainsmokers (Click here for more information)

Sunday, December 14th
11:00am – 1:00pm – Men’s Freeski Slopestyle Final
2:00 – 3:30pm – Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final