We had a fantastic March at Gold Point, with a lot of warm, sunny weather. We recently completed the installation of exterior LED lights throughout the property, with the installation of new surface mounted lights at the entrance and sides of each of the buildings. The new fixtures have created better lighting throughout the property […]

The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas is part of the Interval International (II) network and part of the BGV II resort highlight series.  Volcanoes, palm trees, wonderful beaches, scuba diving, and exquisite scenery—yes, Hawaii has it all, and so it’s no wonder the area has the highest demand within Interval’s network. We certainly want to get […]

It’s easy to get comfortable on vacation, enjoy the luxuries, and neglect taking care of Mother Earth. This Earth Day, April 22, practice some small changes that can have a huge impact, but won’t kill your relaxed vacation mindset.


Reduce your carbon footprint by walking, biking, or taking public transportation around Breckenridge. Not only are these options cheaper, but they can have a profound impact on the environment and you will probably notice some new sights on your way. You never know where a friendly fox could be hanging out!


Do you really need that receipt? By choosing “no” you’ll not only save paper, but you’ll also save yourself exposure to the petroleum product BPA, which is present in the thermal paper. BPA has been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and reproductive issues. And besides, what do you do with all those pesky little pieces of paper anyway?


Breckenridge Grand Vacations is committed to sustainable business practices. Part of this effort is placing a strong focus on recycling and composting. There are numerous recycling bins placed throughout each property and inside the units. If you have any questions about what can or cannot be recycled, refer to this guide.


Help eliminate additional waste and water consumption by reusing items. Hang up your towels after use, place the card indicating you don’t need your towels changed on your outer door, and enjoy your day knowing that you are having a positive impact on water consumption. Bring your reusable bags with you while out shopping in town. If you don’t have one, they can be purchased at the markets on property or at City Market. While you are out in town, pick up an eco-friendly reusable water bottle. This is not only a great souvenir, but will help eliminate waste.

The View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor and Mike Dudick’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

We love family here at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. Actually, we didn’t really know how much we loved family until we did a recent survey of our employees trying to find out how many “family members” work together
here at BGV. The response even surprised us! We thought it was worthy
of sharing with our extended family of owners as well. Here is what we learned …

Family Members at BGV
“Eight moms, four dads and twelve kids, working together. Four sisters, six brothers. Two uncles and aunts and two nieces and nephews. Two cousins. And whoever said that in-laws don’t get along, never worked here! We have two mothers-in-law, two brothers-in-law, two daughters-in-law and three sons-in-law, all happy to be co-workers. Four couples identified as significant others. And here’s the big finish…sixteen spouse/partner couples.”

If our math serves us well, we currently have nearly 77 family members working together at BGV. Why is this important you may ask? We think this very example goes to show that families who work together must also share the same priorities and values in the place they work. We are reminded that BGV’s unwavering commitment to service, be it to our Owners and Guests or to our Employees and the Community, remains at the forefront of what we do. And with that, we are proud that families who work and vacation together do it with BGV!

On another note, as February turns into March, we want to remind all our “Family” of some common travel tips if you are coming to Breckenridge during what is usually our best snow month of the year.

  1. Plan ahead and allow for a little extra time to get around. Be winter-prepared, especially if driving.
  2. Make dinner and spa reservations in advance.
  3. Extend your stay to include a Sunday overnight and enjoy a little less congestion in town, as a lot of folks are traveling on that day.

We hope to see you here real soon!

Mike and Mike

Spring skiing is upon us here in the high country! We are looking forward to sunny days and powder on the mountain. If you will be looking for things to do other than being on the mountain, speak with our Activities Coordinators for a list of fun adventures!