GP_FI7Greetings from Gold Point Resort! In most of the country, March 20 marks the beginning of spring and warm weather. In Breckenridge, March brings us the snowiest month of the year, as well as the famous Breck Spring Fever celebrations!

The Breck Spring Fever is known for its free concerts and fun special events. Starting March 21 and continuing until closing day, the Town of Breckenridge and Breckenridge Ski Resort will be partnering together to fill the town with activities for you and your family to enjoy. New this year is the Breck Big Mountain Challenge, using the new terrain available on Peak 6, the world’s best big mountain skiers will be competing in the Sixth Senses area. The competition runs March 20 – 22 and should offer excitement even for spectators.

We are excited to share the following updates:

  • Sometimes it really is the small things that matter! We are in the process of replacing all of the alarm clocks and phones in our units. Our new alarm clocks feature built-in outlets and USB ports so you can easily charge all of your electronics. The new phones feature memory buttons for quick access to activities information and even ski or bike rentals!
  • We are happy to have new hot tub towels throughout the property. The new towels are larger in size, though we would still not recommend dashing through the snow wrapped just in a towel!
  • The Housekeeping and Engineering departments have completed a thorough organization of their various storage areas. This process has allowed them to identify efficiencies in purchasing, but will also allow them to work more efficiently each and every day.
  • As we look forward to a new electronic lock system, we are happy to announce that we have selected SALTO Networked Locking Systems as our vendor. The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 has been using SALTO Systems for the past eight years, and it has proven to be a durable and easy to use system.

gp_feb[1]Letter from the General Manager

Greetings from Gold Point Resort! We are excited to be midway through a wonderful ski season. Although conditions will always vary day-to-day, overall, the snow coverage has been pretty amazing the majority of the ski season. The resort was even able to open Peak 6 well before Christmas this year. It’s been a great first half, but we are most excited that the best snow has yet to come, as February and March are traditionally the snowiest months of the year!

As we settle in for the heart of our winter season, the staff at Gold Point Resort will continue to work hard to reduce our energy consumption during these chilly months. In 2012, the American lodging industry produced over 7 million tons of waste, used 64 trillion gallons of water, and generated over 23 million tons of CO2 gas. During your next visit, help us do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. When you pull out of the garage, make sure the light is turned off and close the door behind you; turn off the lights and television when not in use, use water wisely and help us recycle by following the posted guidelines. Help us ensure that Breckenridge remains a beautiful place to visit not only for our children, but also their grandchildren and many generations to come.

Property Updates:

  • We have installed LED bulbs in all of the common areas, unit garages and all of the “behind the scene” spaces.
  • We will continue to expand our use of LED lights in order to reduce our energy consumption, and also to provide a more comfortable experience in our rooms.
  • New digital thermostats will be installed throughout our units. These will offer increased comfort and accuracy, as well as an ability to control the heat more efficiently.
  • The fireplace thermostat will be replaced with a timer to make the controls easier to use and to help conserve natural gas.

Josh Stuhr
Gold Point General Manager


Letter from the General Manager

Happy New Year from Gold Point Resort! We are thrilled to be embarking on another exciting year in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

As we move into the new year, we’d like to take a moment to reflect back on 2014. Over the course of the year, Gold Point Resort has had a complete change in its leadership team, invigorating a new sense of passion and excellence into the resort. Operationally, we’ve made countless changes in an effort to provide a grand guest experience. On the property itself, many units have received new mattresses, artwork and appliances.

While 2014 was quite an exhilarating year, we are looking forward to 2015. All of the buildings at Gold Point Resort will not only be receiving a fresh coat of paint, but also a new, modern color palette! With a focus on the safety and security of our guests, we will also be installing a new RFID key system. This new system will provide the additional benefit of easier access to the units than a traditional key.

Over the past year, we have enjoyed spending time with many of you and your families. We base our decisions on the input we receive from our owners and guests. We appreciate the ownership and pride that you all have in our beautiful property, and we welcome any suggestions or feedback in order to better your experience with us.

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2015!

Josh Stuhr
Gold Point General Manager

gp_blog[1]Letter from the General Manager

Greetings from Gold Point Resort! With the flip of a switch, a beautiful winter is upon us. After a delay to the Breckenridge Ski Resort opening due to a shortage of snow, the second week of November brought nearly 50 inches of fresh snow to the area!

Our newfound abundance of early season snow is not a blessing just for the ski resort, but also for the many other winter activities that can be found in and around Breckenridge. Although early season conditions still exist in some areas, visitors to Breckenridge can now enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides or even sledding at one of the many local sledding hills.

While many owners at Gold Point Resort are familiar with these activities, many are not yet aware of the pool table that has been added in the guest lounge for guests to enjoy! Please come see us at the front desk for more information on our exciting new amenity.

Elsewhere around property, we are happy to share these updates:

  • New king mattresses have been installed throughout the entire property. Buildings 1, 2, 7 and 8 also received new queen mattresses in the first phase of our mattress replacement. Look for more new mattresses to come in 2015!
  • A local vendor has completed the construction of a new railing behind Building 7. Constructed of high grade steel, this new railing has the strength to withstand decades of snowfall.
  • The installation of new appliances in Buildings 7 and 8 has been completed. We are now happy to have new stainless steel appliances throughout the entire property! Not only are these appliances brand new, they are also Energy Star rated to help Gold Point Resort reduce energy consumption!

Josh Stuhr
Gold Point General Manager


gtl prop updateGreetings from Gold Point! We have been enjoying a wonderful start to ski season, with Breckenridge Ski Resort having already received nearly 10 feet of snow! We all received a wonderful gift with the abundant snow, as Breckenridge opened Peak 6 for the first time on Christmas Day! Here are a few other exciting things from around the property:

  • Did you know that Gold Point is on Facebook? Like our page at
  • We are celebrating complimentary in room WiFi! Set to begin on January 1, 2014, you will be able to access the WiFi at no charge using a code that can be obtained from the Gold Point front desk.
  • The DVD Now kiosk has moved just around the corner into the Owner’s Lounge. Using the access code, this wonderful amenity remains available around the clock.
  • The guest computer and printer have also moved into a small office just inside the Owner’s Lounge, allowing for more privacy if desired.

As always, Gold Point Resort is continuously looking for ways we can better serve the needs of our owners and guests. If you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lindsay Reinwand
General Manager, Gold Point Resort