There is nothing better than kicking your feet up and relaxing while on vacation. Photo by Grand Timber guest Nancy Widmer Cripe

Letter from the Assistant General Manager:

While we have seen more rain then we prefer during our summer season, we cannot complain because the wild flowers are more beautiful than ever and all the vegetation is thriving!

  • The following is a list of owners that have all won $500 from our weekly drawing: Rob and Sandy Engling, Jack May, Tim and Chris Funk, and Susan Shepherd. Please contact our On Property Concierge at 970-453-4440 ext. 3012 for details on how you can be entered to win!
  • Beer Tasting is back at Grand Timber! Please join our Activities department every Tuesday night in the Day Use room for this activity. Come try out the best of what Breckenridge’s finest microbreweries have to offer. Contact Activities at 970-453-4440 ext. 3010 to reserve your spot today!

 Here are some updates of things that have been going on around property:

  • Due to a delivery delay, the additional deck chairs we ordered for around the pool did not arrive prior to July 4 as planned but we are pleased to announce they have now arrived! We received a few comments that there were not enough chairs for people to sit around the pool during peak times and we are confident this will alleviate that problem.
  • We just received our last shipment of flat-screen TVs to complete our furniture replacements in Building 7 and 8.
  • The maintenance shop underwent some structural improvements. We have added a wall that closes off the back area where all the tools and materials are stored. This new space gives our Engineering staff a much better “work space” by providing additional organization that will ultimately result in improved efficiencies for the entire Engineering staff.
  • The exterior windows were cleaned in the common areas.
  • The concrete repair for the stairs by the Lodgepole is finally complete! We are happy to have this main stairway open again for everyone to use. Thank you again for your patience with getting this job finished!
  • We have had some staff move around to different departments. Our Front Desk Supervisor, Kristin Keller, accepted the position of Housekeeping Supervisor. We are excited to welcome Mara Sobek from our Owner Support department as the new Front Desk Supervisor. Please congratulate her if you see her!
  • We are sad to say goodbye to Suzeth Hibbert. She has been a house person at Grand Timber Lodge since 2002. Many of our owners and guests know her for her friendly, cheerful, and helping attitude. While it is hard for us to lose her, we are happy for her that she will be making a move across country to be closer to her family and friends.

Michelle Ellis
Grand Timber Lodge Assistant Manager

Owners enjoying Grand Timber Lodge:

Rob - “My body hurts...I can’t even smile right now!”
Love you bebé
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What an incredible weekend in the mountains. Breck has always been a second home, but something about knowing it’s only 2 hours away now makes it that much more magical. Oh, and catching the most spectacular “moon rise.” That too! 🏔🌙💫✨🏔
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What a great way to end summer. Can't wait until these mountains are filled with snow
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Bamboo harvest has begun in the yard. Got a lot more to go, but excited to see what we can make out of it. #bamboofurniture #fishingpoles #bamboo #harvest #blackbamboo #grandtimber #goldengodess ...

The one thing I miss about my Alaska home is my giant jetted tub. I am taking full advantage of having one this week #grandtimber #breckenridge ...

Beautiful few days in Breckenridge #breckenridge #chefsdayoff #coloradolife #leafschanging #aspentrees #grandtimberlodge ...

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12.20.20 Grateful for this impromptu mountain getaway courtesy of The Lugos! nikki.lugo.levick mhlugo2 & co., we missed you, but lived it up in your name! 🎿❄️❣️Besitos, familia!


IMG_9357 IMG_9356 IMG_9355 IMG_9354Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Summer is in full swing in the High Country and it’s a beautiful thing! The flowers are blooming and our aspen trees are filling in nicely with lush green leaves which means it’s time to get out your hiking boots, bicycles, kayaks, and anything else you enjoy doing in the great outdoors!

Wondering what you should do while you are here? We have plenty of options for you to choose from both on and off property!

On Property:

BINGO, Build a Buddy,  Family Photo, Hour Canvas Creations, GTL Guest Reception, Family Movie, Night, Glass Etching, Hoop Flow Art and Craft Hour, Mosaics, Poolside Activity,  Scavenger Hunts, Ready Paint Fire Paint Session, S’mores & Hot Chocolate, Suds and Scrubs, Sugar Cookie Decorating, Suminigashi, Survival Bracelets, Tie Dye T-Shirts, Ghostly Tales,  Yoga Classes

Off property:

Horseback Riding, Historical Walks, Haunted Tours, Scenic Drives, Train Rides, Whitewater Rafting, Mine Tours, Hiking, Bicycle Rentals, Zipline Tours, Ice Skating, Recreation Center, Hot Springs, Casino Shuttles, Art Studios, Scavenger Hunts, ATV Tours, Jeep Tours, Fly Fishing.

Contact our Activities Department today to book your next adventure! 970-453-4440 ext. 3010

 Here are some updates of things that have been going on around property:

  • We have implemented an “Employee of the Month” incentive program here at Grand Timber and we would like to announce that Jacob Bradshaw is our June Employee of the Month. He is an engineering technician and employees across department as well as owners and guests have been singing his praises. Feel free to congratulate him if you see him walking around property!
  • The $500 winner of our monthly drawing is Fred Machado! He has won $500 reward! Please contact our On Property Concierge at 970-453-4440 ext. 3012 to see how you can be entered to win!
  • The exterior of Building 6 has been repainted is ready for all of our July guests!
  • After spending a great deal of time attempting to fix the building 8 exit garage, we finally elected to purchase a new “soft” door.  It has been installed and we are happy with its superior performance.
  • We have a contractor scheduled to repair the stairs by the Lodgepole as well as some other spots around property. These stairs were originally supposed to be repaired last September but had to be postponed per the contractor’s direction. Your continued patience is appreciated as we work to return this to its full functioning condition.
  • As we all know its grilling season and we are in the process of purchasing nine new grills in efforts to improve your grilling experience.
  • We are pleased to see that we have maintained our #7 position on Trip Advisor! Thank you to all who have shared a review of your stay on property! I would like to encourage all of our owners to write about their experience as providing Grand Timber with a positive review will only help boost the value of your ownership. When rental guests are looking for a place to stay in Breckenridge many of them turn to Trip Advisor first to see how each property is ranked, the better our ranking, the more rentals we obtain!

Michelle Ellis
Grand Timber Lodge Assistant Manager



IMG_9287IMG_9282IMG_9289Letter from the Assistant General Manager:

Spring in the High County has been pretty wet with plenty of rain and even a few snow storms throughout May.  But we’re not complaining as all this precipitation means our rivers will be roaring for the kickoff of rafting season!

This quiet time of year is a welcome change for everyone who comes to visit and locals alike. Here at Grand Timber Lodge we look forward to this time of year for all the exciting projects we are able to tackle. We love the opportunity to make improvements that we are unable to complete during peak season.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the old inventory we replace when we are updating our units? Here is a little window into what we do:

  • Carpet – the company that we use to install our new carpet removes the old carpeting and recycles it.
  • Furniture – we donate most of our furniture to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Appliances – we recycle, repurpose, or donate all of our old appliances.
  • Bedding – we donate our comforters, duvet covers, blankets, and shower curtains to the Denver Rescue Mission for people in need. Each item was carefully phased out of our units but is of high quality and can still be put to good use.

Below you’ll see some of the great projects we have completed this season as well as other happenings around property.

  • Building 7 received the most extensive upgrades with new:
  • Sofas and chairs
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Platform beds and new bedding
  • TV cabinet and flat-screen TVs
  • New carpet
  • In building 4 we replaced the artwork with beautiful new pieces.
  • After receiving feedback from our owners in regards to the studio size ADA units we are pleased to announce that we now have an ADA one bedroom master available for guests.
  • As a companywide initiative, we have enlisted an outside consultant to observe our housekeeping procedures and find ways to improve our current methods. We are looking forward to making our housekeepers’ jobs easier and more efficient while elevating the quality of the clean.
  • We would like to invite you to join us at the Guest Reception every Sunday from 6-7pm at the Lodgepole.
  • Please join us for our annual Father’s Day Celebration on June 21st! Our Activities Department will be hosting a complimentary activity for families. Keep an eye on our blog for more details.
  • We are firm believers in reduce/reuse/recycle here at Grand Timber as well as at each of our family of resorts. While we are not able to follow this practice with every single item we try our best to research all our options before we turn to our last resort, the landfill.
  • Congratulations to our April and May winners of the $500 drawing! Grant and Amy Markwell and Lee & Lisa Watson.

Michelle Ellis
Grand Timber Lodge Assistant Manager

FF_JuneGrand Timber Lodge Booking Reminder



IMG_9193IMG_9197IMG_9190Letter from the Assistant General Manager:

Greetings from Grand Timber Lodge! We are starting to see signs of spring and even though it is bittersweet to say goodbye to winter we are excited about the change in season. Here are a few things that are going on around property:

  • First I would like to start off by extending a huge “CONGRATULATIONS” to our Assistant Engineering Manager Rick Marchiori who won an ARDA Award in the category of “Maintenance Team Member or Manager.” Rick was up against some stiff competition such as Holiday Inn Club Vacations and Bluegreen Vacations. We are absolutely elated that he took home the Ardy Gold!
  • We have recently switched to Timberline Disposal for our recycling. Timberline is locally owned and operated and provides many additional benefits for us, including Single Stream Recycling for the entire property. What does this mean for you? All recycling, including glass, can mix together in one container, there is no need to separate any longer! Each garage has a blue recycling dumpster or if you prefer give us a call and we will happily take your recycling.  Recycling is a huge part of our company culture and we greatly appreciate your participation in this!
  • The month of May kicks off our season of building blocks. We will be closing down each building for a week to perform our bi-annual updates and repairs. We have a long list of improvements we will be tackling so stay tuned for an update on completed tasks in next month’s newsletter!
  • Our wonderful and creative Activities Department came up with the great idea of hosting a company-wide dodge ball tournament as a fundraiser for the Summit County Family & Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC). There were over 50 Breckenridge Grand Vacations employees who attended and we were able to raise over $1700 in donations for the FIRC! It was a wonderful evening of fun and we are so happy we were able to raise money for such a great cause! Blow are pictures of our two Grand Timber teams and a group shot of everyone that participated.
  • As we enter into our quieter season the Lodgepole Bar and Grill will be closed on Wednesdays throughout the month of May.
  • This season Tony and Liz Castillo, Ron and Betty Vander Kooi, Todd and Kim Hickerson, Greg and Susan English and John and Tina Coppin won 2 FREE Epic Local Passes for the 2015/2016! While Adam Sapp, Michael and Janet Nielson, Greg and Valerie Sumey, Chris and Amy Smith, John and Margaret Manka and Dawn Ahern won $500 in reward dollars! Congratulations to all the owners that won! Call (970) 547-3612 to find out how you can enter to win these amazing prizes we offer!

Michelle Ellis
Grand Timber Lodge Assistant Manager

Booking Reminder GTL

With the arrival of spring we’re looking forward to warm afternoons and spending significantly more time outside!

Here are a few updates regarding the upcoming events around property:

  • We’re thrilled to announce that our Assistant Engineering Manager, Rich Marchiori, has been nominated for an American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Gold Award, under the Maintenance Team Member/Manager category! ARDA holds an annual conference every April and this year we will be cheering for Rick as he represents our company at this prestigious event. Rick is a great asset to our engineering team and we’re proud to have him represent our company at this huge event!
  • The Owner Party, also affectionately referred to as the Guest Reception is moving to Sundays, in an effort to accommodate all of our guests. We’re hoping this will provide you with plenty of time to settle in and to start discussing the various activities you plan on partaking in while in Breckenridge. To ensure you get the most out of your time our knowledgeable Activities Coordinators will be joining each party to discuss the various onsite activities scheduled for the week.
  • This April marks the seventh year that Grand Timber Lodge will be an active supporter of the Wounded Warrior Family Ski Week. By partnering with Wounded Warrior Family Adventures we are able to provide ten families with a life changing vacation. While in Breckenridge the WWFA organizes family activities, meals, lodging, transportation and counseling sessions at no charge to the disabled veterans and their families. In addition, each family will also participate in Family Ski Week, a long-standing program organized with the help of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center. For this week each family will receive one-on-one adaptive ski and snowboard lessons.
  • Lastly, we would like to thank our extremely generous owners who have donated their owner week to this incredible program. If you are interested in learning more about the Wounded Warrior Family Adventures program please visit  If you are interested in donating lodging for this program or one of the other charities we work with please contact our Owner Relations team at (877) 453-4440.

We’re here to help so please contact us with any questions you may have!

Property Updates:

  • We repainted the lobby a tame green/grey that we believe to be more welcoming and inviting.
  • Our new shuttle arrived and we are eagerly anticipating wrapping it with our new Grand Timber artwork.
  • We are proud to announce our new partnership with ZENTS. ZENTS is a Boulder based company that we have partnered with for all of our spa products company-wide as well as our in room toiletries.  We chose ZENTS as their business values fall in line with our commitment to the environment.  Their facilities are powered with 100% wind energy, they print on recyclable boxes with soy inks, and buy from local vendors to minimize their carbon footprint.  In addition, their products are made with only the purest ingredients, avoiding all parabens and other harsh chemicals.

Michelle Ellis
Grand Timber Lodge Assistant General Manager


Owners Enjoying Grand Timber Lodge:

10481968_10153013839741480_8501084080276339688_oSnow has returned to the high country! Currently, we are in the middle of a huge storm, and they are predicting a lot more snow through the end of the season! I would like to take a quick minute to introduce myself; my name is Michelle Ellis, and I recently began my new position as Assistant General Manager at Grand Timber Lodge. I have been with Breckenridge Grand Vacations for just over three years. I started with the company at the Breck Inn where I became the General Manager. I am extremely excited about my new role at Grand Timber Lodge and cannot wait to get the opportunity to meet you all, our owners!

Here are a few updates about some of the happenings around the resort:

  • Christy Sports is launching a new “Year-Round Ski Storage” program for the owners of Grand Timber Lodge. The program is valued at $200 and the package includes: one year of storage for one set of skis or snowboards and boots at Grand Timber Lodge, along with two edge and buff waxes. If you are interested, act fast, because there are only 50 spots available, and they will be on a first come first served basis. Please contact our on-property location for more information at 970-453-8242.
  • The Lodgepole Market is now open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week! They have a great selection of grab-and-go breakfast options that you can take for a quick bite as well as fresh coffee every morning. They also have various grocery and household items for purchase. Please take a few minutes during your next stay to visit The Lodgepole Market located in Building 6!
  • We are delighted to announce the return of the Grand Timber Lodge Owner Parties! These will be held every Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. in the Lodgepole Bar and Grill. The cost will be $10 per adult and $5 per child. This price will include two drink tickets for beer or wine as well as light appetizers. This is a great chance to mingle with other owners and our management staff who will be attending each party. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
  • The Grand Timber Lodge Activities department has come up with the wonderful idea of taking family portraits for our guests while they are here on property. This event will take place on Wednesday afternoons in various locations around Grand Timber Lodge. The cost is $5 per family and we will send a digital copy of your picture once they have been processed. This is a great way to capture a moment from your vacation and create a lasting memory of your time spent together.
  • In the most recent GTL HOA Board Meeting there was a change made to the Day Use policy. The most updated policy states: Day Use privileges will be limited based on availability and is limited to groups of eight or less people, per deeded unit, per given day, including the owners in the total count. The only exception is for overnight stays where the owner has reserved Day Use for the day of check out, in which case, their Day Use group size should not exceed the maximum occupancy for the unit the owner stayed in. This will be effective starting May 1, 2015.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are looking forward to a busy month of March and hope to see many of you here!

Michelle Ellis
Grand Timber Lodge Assistant General Manager