Day Use parking is a hot commodity during the winter, but don’t forget about all the perks of covered free parking during the spring, summer and fall. We have eight great reasons why you should be using Day Use parking this summer:

  1. It’s free! With the new paid parking on Main Street and most parking lots, this is an extra big benefit and a great way to save some money.
  2. Have fun in the sun. Come up and enjoy some time around the pools, play some lawn games and grill yourself an amazing lunch. All of these options are available for Day Use and will give the whole family a much-needed day of R&R.
  3. Storage. Take advantage of the Day Use lunch rooms to store your lunch, snacks, drinks and any other items you brought along for the day.
  4. Stay dry. With afternoon showers, you can stay nice and dry while going to and from your vehicle. You also have a great spot to wait out the rain, while playing games, grabbing lunch, or catching up on some reading.
  5. Beat the traffic. Come up early or stay late soaking in the hot tubs and pools while you wait for the traffic to ease.
  6. Activities. Take advantage of the Activities department and book a discounted activity with them. You can also participate in any activities taking place on-property while you are at your resort, just make sure to RSVP in advance.
  7. Earn Reward Dollars. Add an update tour to your Day Use parking and earn Reward Dollars to use toward your HOAs, the spas, on-property restaurants and even toward Interval International exchanges.
  8. Bring your friends. Day Use is a fantastic opportunity to bring friends and family up to share the perks of your ownership. You can bring a maximum of seven additional guests and have access to all in-property amenities.

To book your Day Use parking visit or call the Owner Relations department at 877.453.4440.