photo by Karen Wessling

photo by Karen Wessling

Letter from the General Manager:

Greetings from Gold Point Resort!

After a grand summer season, filled with rafting, hiking, biking, sightseeing and more, on August 10 Mother Nature blessed us with a reminder that fall is just around the corner with snowfall at the Eisenhower tunnel. While the snow quickly disappeared, it is a reminder to enjoy the final days of summer and look forward to all that fall has to offer!

Oktoberfest returns to the streets of Breckenridge September 11 through 13. The September street party is where Munich meets the mountains, featuring more than three-dozen genuine German cuisine and brew vendors, a surplus of Bavarian lederhosen dancing and a weekend packed full of sunshine and fun for all ages. Prepare yourself for the famed historic Main Street to be flowing with Paulaner Bier, Oompah dancers, schnitzel and sausage while traditional polka music fills the fresh mountain air.

Fall is also one of the most beautiful times to be in Breckenridge. Starting in early September the aspen leaves begin to change, transforming the hillsides to magnificent shades of gold and red. The scenic foliage can be enjoyed on the many hiking trails, or by vehicle for a more leisurely tour. As many Gold Point Resort owners may already know, one of the most scenic drives to enjoy the leaves is the drive over Boreas Pass Road from Breckenridge to Como. Though the drive itself provides ample scenery, there are many opportunities to stretch your legs on various hikes just off the road. But our favorite place to take in the views is the chairlift swing sitting just in front of our very own Gold Point Resort Building 6.

Around Gold Point Resort, guests have been enjoying the new horseshoe and tetherball area, nestled in the woods just south of the Common Building which we rounded out the area with a table and chairs so the whole family can relax.

  • Human families are not the only families that have been visiting the area, as a mother bear and her two cubs have been seen in the area. While we can enjoy their majestic beauty from afar, remember that the mother bear is extremely protective of her young and should be treated with extreme caution.
  • Flowers have been planted in our revitalized entry flower garden. While we do not anticipate many beautiful blooms this fall, we are excited for the plants to be well established for next summer.
  • The engineering team has installed new building exhaust caps. These new caps are designed to keep a cold draft from flowing back into the dryer and exhaust vents around the building. An added benefit, they look great on our freshly painted siding!
  • New hot tub covers have arrived! The new covers are designed to be lightweight and durable, making them easier to remove for better enjoyment of our hot tubs. Please help us conserve energy by covering the hot tub after use.

Josh Stuhr
Gold Point General Manager