img_2217 img_2220Letter from the General Manager

November was a Grand month at Gold Point Resort. The resort was extremely busy, and several owners took advantage of Bonus Time and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather that started the month. Halfway through November, winter arrived. The snow started falling and Breckenridge Ski Area opened on November 19. The fresh snow also allowed several other area activities to open. Snowmobiling, ziplining and dog sledding are just a few of the winter activities that you can participate in while you are staying at Gold Point Resort.

We continue to work on improving the Gold Point Resort experience for all of our owners. We have upgraded the Comcast cable on property. All television channels are now HD, and there is no longer a need for cable boxes in the room. The upgrade to the television system also provided us with faster Internet coming into the property.

Upcoming renovations include new furniture in the Owner’s Lounge and improved exterior lighting on property.

Thank you for everything that you do to support Gold Point Resort. I look forward to another fantastic winter.

Grand Regards,

Lindsay Reinwand

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  1. Bill Fader says:

    Hi, We Missouri Summer Gold Point Owners would love to see photos of GOLD POINT with snow. Even photos of the parking lot would be interesting. We cannot come in winter and just cannot imagine all of the snow in February.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Bill Fader, wk 29

    • Brittany De Graaf says:

      Hi Bill,
      We tend to post more pictures of Gold Point on our Gold Point Facebook page and our Gold Point Instagram account. We will work on adding even more pictures into the newsletter, but recommend following those pages to get even more up to date pictures!

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