gp_feb[1]Letter from the General Manager

Greetings from Gold Point Resort! We are excited to be midway through a wonderful ski season. Although conditions will always vary day-to-day, overall, the snow coverage has been pretty amazing the majority of the ski season. The resort was even able to open Peak 6 well before Christmas this year. It’s been a great first half, but we are most excited that the best snow has yet to come, as February and March are traditionally the snowiest months of the year!

As we settle in for the heart of our winter season, the staff at Gold Point Resort will continue to work hard to reduce our energy consumption during these chilly months. In 2012, the American lodging industry produced over 7 million tons of waste, used 64 trillion gallons of water, and generated over 23 million tons of CO2 gas. During your next visit, help us do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. When you pull out of the garage, make sure the light is turned off and close the door behind you; turn off the lights and television when not in use, use water wisely and help us recycle by following the posted guidelines. Help us ensure that Breckenridge remains a beautiful place to visit not only for our children, but also their grandchildren and many generations to come.

Property Updates:

  • We have installed LED bulbs in all of the common areas, unit garages and all of the “behind the scene” spaces.
  • We will continue to expand our use of LED lights in order to reduce our energy consumption, and also to provide a more comfortable experience in our rooms.
  • New digital thermostats will be installed throughout our units. These will offer increased comfort and accuracy, as well as an ability to control the heat more efficiently.
  • The fireplace thermostat will be replaced with a timer to make the controls easier to use and to help conserve natural gas.

Josh Stuhr
Gold Point General Manager