IMG_5563 IMG_5585Letter from the Construction Manager

  • Insulation is complete and drywall is 90 percent complete in Phase 1 plaza and terrace units.
  • Exterior sheeting, siding, and trim are complete on floors two through five in Phase 1.
  • Texture and painting are complete on the second floor of Phase 1 units.
  • Fourth-floor-unit fireplaces are operational in Phase 1.
  • Tile installation to begin February 29 on second-floor Phase 1 units.
  • Shells for indoor pools and spa #5 are complete.
  • Waterfall #3 design is being changed, and design plans are in progress.
  • Sales Center and restaurant designs are complete.
  • Units are framed on floors two through four in Phase 2.
  • Exterior wall framing work is complete in Phase 3.

Deb Norton
Construction Manager, Grand Colorado on Peak 8