Letter from the General Manager

December 17 is right around the corner and we have been full speed ahead getting ready for a much anticipated opening day! In preparation, we have been hiring, training, and getting the property ready for guests. We are thrilled to announce the following staff have been hired to help create Grand vacation experiences:

  • Kevan Beall, Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Assistant General Manager
  • Rebecca Doster, Lead Activities Coordinator
  • Julianna Nopson, Front Desk Supervisor
  • Reeta Echevarria, Front Desk Supervisor

We expect everyone is excited to have their first stay at Grand Colorado and take advantage of its amazing location. We do want to remind you that while the property will be open, there will also be construction taking place. We anticipate construction hours to be from around 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. We want to set proper expectations of what you will encounter while on the property but are also doing everything in our power to assure that this construction causes as little interruption to your vacation as possible. If you have any concerns or comments about this, please comment below or email me directly.

Speaking of construction, I am sure that by now you have all heard about the new addition to the Grand Colorado on Peak 8. If you haven’t, we will be adding a third building to the property. This will include an additional 52 two-bedroom units, more aquatic facilities, a coffee shop, an ice-skating rink and an enclosed pedestrian bridge that connects to the main building. This addition will not impact the ratio of amenities to guests but will allow more owners to enjoy the luxury of Grand Colorado.

We know the anticipation of opening day is growing, and we can’t wait to welcome you to your new mountain home!

Jason Bretz
General Manager, Grand Colorado on Peak 8

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Construction Update

Phase 1 – Waterproofing is complete on the pool deck.

Phase 1 – The stone veneer is complete on the north, south and east sides.

Phase 1 – The exterior sheathing, siding, and trim are complete for floors 2 through 5, Plaza (PL), and Terrace (TR).

Phase 1 – Shower enclosures have been installed on floor 4.

Phase 1 – Drywall texture and painting are complete on floors 2, 3, 4, PL, and TR.

Phase 1 – Steel guardrails have been delivered and installed in the south-side units.

Phase 1 – Tile for waterfall #3 is complete.

Phase 1 – Pool coping stone has been installed in both the indoor and the outdoor pools.

Phase 1 – Cabinets have been installed on floors PL and TR.

Phase 1 – Doors, hardware, and prefinished trim have been installed on floors 2, 3, and 4.

Phase 1 – The mechanical room is complete; the boiler and chiller startup were completed in August.

Phase 1 – The electrical room is complete.

Phase 1 – The pool mechanical room is 95 percent complete.

Phase 1 – Telephone and data lines have been installed.

Phase 1 – Owner ski lockers have been installed.

Phase 1 – The concrete retaining wall at the arrival court is complete.

Phase 1 – The sales center is textured and primed; installation of the grid ceiling is complete.

Phase 2 – The units are framed for floors 2 through 4; fifth floor sales are in process.

Phase 2 – Framing is complete for the first floor.

Phase 2 – Electrical and mechanical rough-in is in process.

Phase 2 – Drywall is being installed at the demising walls.

Phase 2 – Waterproofing of the exterior patio above the lobby is complete.

Phase 3 – The steel structure is 100 percent complete.

Phase 3 – The exterior wall-framing work is complete.

Phase 3 – The roof dry-in and deck waterproofing is underway.

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