Letter from the General Manager

It’s hard to believe we only have a few weeks of the ski season left. The staff at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 have been thrilled to see many of our owners experience the resort for the first time! It’s been great to see a lot of familiar faces, plus a pleasure meeting some owners who are new to the BGV family. We are hearing a lot of positive feedback from everyone as they try out GC8’s wonderful aquatics and eat at Robbie’s Tavern for the very first time. If you have not had the chance to visit your new resort yet, please plan a trip soon. Breckenridge has had beautiful spring skiing conditions, with some recent snow.  Spring in Breckenridge is widely known for the best snow in Colorado, along with sunny bluebird days, special events and great deals throughout the town.

The staff at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 continues to look for ways to improve the vacation and Day Use experiences for all of our owners and guests. As with anything new, we are learning more about the resort daily and we encourage our owners to share their feedback with us. I spoke to an owner recently when he was visiting, and he asked if it would be OK to send me feedback after his stay. I said, “Absolutely!” We certainly don’t expect our owners to do this while on vacation, and if anyone would like to pass along feedback, we always appreciate it. Please send it directly to me, jbretz@breckgv.com. Below are a few other “tools” we are utilizing to help us be better tomorrow than we are today:

  • Secret Shopper Surveys –Individuals from an outside “secret shopper” company stay with us several times each year and score us in a variety of different areas so we can become aware of opportunities to improve. We receive detailed reports of their experience for all departments.
  • Inspection Checklists – We are using a software to track service calls, manage special requests and schedule preventative maintenance tasks for all of our resorts. This software also enables us to create inspection checklists so we can provide staff members with scores and areas for improvement based on our observations.

Whether you are staying at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 overnight, or are simply up on Day Use, we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you during your next visit.


Jason Bretz
General Manager, Grand Colorado on Peak 8

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  1. Robert Meldon says:

    Jason: I have been to the hot tubs a few times at Grand Colorado. If you are at the adult hot tub (the highest one) and come down the first flight of stairs, there is a 30″ to 36″ drop off next to the next set of stairs going down. It is about 8 feet long. There should be a railing there or at least some planters to prevent someone falling off and sustaining a serious injury.

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