Construction Update: 

  • Steel work is 95 percent complete in Phase 1, and complete through the 1st and 2nd floor of Phase 2.
  • Fireproofing is 90 percent completed in Phase 1.
  • Interior metal framing is complete through the 4th floor in Phase 1.
  • Mechanical, plumbing and electrical work continues, following framing and the dry-in progress.
  • Scaffolding continues to be installed and is currently tented in plastic.
  • Viewing platform is complete.

Deb Norton
Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Project Coordinator

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  1. Pete Marks says:

    What about a webcam on the Peak 8 project? I would like to see where my money is going! (just kidding)

    • Breckenridge Grand Vacations says:

      Pete, We have been working on getting a live webcam up and running. The goal is to have that project completed soon. We will let everyone know when this is completed!

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