New Grand Lobby furniture

Sunrise at Grand Lodge by Bonnie Leaf

Afternoon at Sevens courtesy of Robert Miller

Letter from the General Manager

July marks the warmest month in the High Country. It’s a great time to grab your sunglasses and soak up some rays in the comfortable chaise lounges at the pool. High alpine sun isn’t your favorite? Come join us for Bonus Time in the well air-conditioned units on property. No matter your fancy, we’ve got your summer fun covered at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7!

On July 5, a wildland fire was spotted on Peak 2 in Breckenridge. This fire spread over 87 acres and lead to pre-evacuation measures for some areas within Breckenridge. With the help of local and federal resources, we are happy to report the fire is 85 percent contained and no longer represents a threat to the town or public. We are extremely grateful for the amazing job the firefighters and community did to keep all of its guests and residents safe.

Grand News:

  • Congratulations to the following owners, who each won a $200 credit to their Reward Dollar balance!
    • Danielle Adams-Benitez
    • Vickie Brower
    • Greg and Dorothy Sorter
  • July will mark the next implementation in our recycling and sustainability efforts. Please be on the lookout for glass receptacles around the property. Separating glass from the bulk of the recycling provides a higher repurpose life and less contamination to the other recyclable items.
  • Sevens has rolled out their summer menu. Please check out their new Owner Special and fresh new selections. Owner Cards are required if you want to take advantage of the owner discounts.
  • The theaters will be getting a facelift with brand new reclining chairs during the month of July. We look forward to accommodating your family movie night in comfort!
  • The Grand Lobby has all new furniture. The nesting tables allow for individual use and the bar tables have outlets and USB ports available.

Breckenridge has many family-friendly events for you to enjoy! Please visit the webpage for town information. A friendly reminder: afternoon rain showers help keep our mountains green and beautiful. These thunderstorms can cause regular closures to the aquatics facility. Please plan accordingly during your afternoon adventures and do not hesitate to contact the Activities department for any on-demand fun. As always, we want to be better tomorrow than we are today, so please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving your resort.

Joanni Linton
General Manager, Grand Lodge on Peak 7

6 replies
    • Breckenridge Grand Vacations says:

      Hello Sue,
      Please contact the Owner Support department at 877-453-4440 or and they can put in the request. We can either have the card mailed to you, or have it ready for your next stay.

  1. Mike Plante says:

    It seems impossible to get bonus time this summer. Is my searching badly timed or are you that much busier this year? What is the best time of day to search?

    • Breckenridge Grand Vacations says:

      Hi Mike,
      Bonus Time has always been more limited during busier times of the year. With that said we currently do have Bonus Time available at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 for July 25 and 26. This inventory is always changing and we recommend checking Grand Central frequently to check for any inventory that has become available.

  2. Mike plante says:

    Your on line calendar has not shown this and still does not.
    I do check frequently and it is frustrating to see nothing avail (occasionally I see the same day but with your late check in and early checkout, I will never just come for one night).
    You never answered my questions. Is it more busy now than previous summers? Is therenan optimum time to check on avail on line? The site says it is updated daily at 7am but we have found in past that there is better success in the afternooons.

    • Breckenridge Grand Vacations says:

      Hello Mike,
      This summer is no busier than any previous summers. Bonus Time is leftover inventory that hasn’t rented at a higher rate. If you are seeing less Bonus Time it could be because less owners are renting their weeks, guests are booking further in advance or because more owners are using the online booking feature on Grand Central. After the initial Bonus Time opening window (7 a.m.) there is no optimum time to check for Bonus Time as we can not predict when inventory may become available due to last minute cancellations or rentals. We recommend checking frequently and booking any of the days that become available in your desired stay window. Our Owner Support department can assist you in joining two consecutive reservations made at different times into one multi-day reservation. If you have any additional questions or concerns about Bonus Time, please give us a call at 877-453-4440.

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