Grand Lodge on Peak 7 Property Information- September

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from your family in Breckenridge!

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 is pleased to share a few updates with our owners:

  • As summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner, there are important closures to note around the property. The adventure park on Peak 8 is closed for the season as we gear up for winter, and the Gondola has closed for the summer season and will be operational in November. However, for all your fun-filled needs, please stop by Activities to book various activities we offer, as well as try out our new “Back to the 80’s” Escape Room! Pricing, availability, and more information can be obtained at the Front Desk or with the Activities team.
  • With fall rapidly approaching, we look forward to seeing the rich scenery transformation around us as the Aspens start to change. For the best spots in Breckenridge to capture this beautiful sight, please stop by the concierge desk!
  • The iconic Oktoberfest celebration returns to Breckenridge on September 23-25, 2022. Dress in your best lederhosen and come join us downtown for this three-day celebration. More information can be found here.
  • Down in the lobby, across from the concierge desk, we are happy to announce that we have added a food pantry. Leave all the non-perishable items you don’t want to take back with you for someone else to enjoy!
  • This year we will have an entire resort closure to complete all maintenance projects simultaneously. Grand Lodge on Peak 7 will be closed October 23-28, 2022.
  • Changes to the Electric Vehicle Charging procedures and pricing on property. It has been very positive for the HOA, and we appreciate your commitment to our continued improvements to this process.
    • Over the past several months, we have experienced increased demand for our EV charging stations on our property and see a need to implement an additional policy to ensure we can provide access to our charging stations for everyone that needs to use them. Beginning October 1st, we will introduce an idling policy to encourage EV owners to move their vehicles when they are done charging, so others may have the opportunity to charge their vehicles. This practice is standard at other EV stations across the nation. We will begin ­charging Electric Vehicle owners $.50 cents per minute after their vehicle is done charging and remains parked in an EV charging space. Don’t worry – you’ll have a 30-minute grace period to come and move your vehicle. The ChargePoint app will make this very easy to remember and will kindly remind you that your charging time is almost up so you can plan accordingly. We believe this change will benefit our many owners and guests who are seeking to charge their vehicles and will provide an equal opportunity for all EV owners.

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions for making the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 a better place for you and your family. Please send any thoughts to for consideration!

Amie Yoder
Grand Lodge on Peak 7, Assistant General Manager