Grand Lodge on Peak 7 Property Information: April

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from your family in Breckenridge! 

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 is pleased to share a few updates with our owners: 

  • It’s getting warmer outside, and we love seeing the sunshine on the slopes! As it starts to be slightly quieter around Breck, we use this opportunity to do deep cleaning and preventative maintenance. Please look at the Resort Advisements on your owner portal to see what closures may occur during your spring visit. 
  • Breckenridge Peak 7 will remain open through April and May, so long as we can keep the snow around! We hope you can enjoy some late-season skiing, or at least some extra relaxation, this month. 
  • The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 has taken steps to mitigate their natural gas usage by adjusting their snow melt systems. These adjustments allow the snow melts’ computer system to use weather forecasts and automatically adjust the temperature settings throughout the resort. These two factors have helped limit the time the system is running. The outcome has led to monthly weather-dependent natural gas savings of $1,500-$2,000.   

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions for making the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 a better place for you and your family. Please send any thoughts to for consideration! 

Amei Yoder
Grand Lodge on Peak 7, Assistant General Manager