Grand Timber Lodge Property Info

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from your family in Breckenridge!

As summer turns into autumn, we are once again reminded of what a beautiful place we live in. The leaves will begin changing soon and the animals will go back to their homes away from Grand Timber. September is, in my opinion, one of the best times of the year to visit Breckenridge. There are fewer people here and the weather tends to be conducive to all the fun outdoor activities that bring us here. Please remember that we are in an environment that requires us to be vigilant about the risk of wildfires. For all of us, that means that we need to adhere to all posted rules and guidelines regarding open flames and smoking. For an updated list of current regulations, please go to

Here is what has been going on around the property:

  • Our Activities department has gotten creative, planning lots of fun socially distanced activities. Make sure to check out their current offerings the next time you are here.
  • We have installed new sanitization systems into the air filtration systems around the property. The technology creates charged ions that travel with the air stream and attach to particles and pathogens to help keep our air clean and everyone healthy! We are very excited about this new technology, and although you cannot see it, you can rest assured that we are doing what we can to keep you safe.
  • We are excited about beginning the renovation of the Building 1 locker rooms and indoor pool area. After 21 years, we felt like it was simply time for a facelift in these highly trafficked areas. We do apologize for having to close the restrooms closest to the lobby during this renovation.
  • With the stage two fire ban in place, we have been required to shut off the fire pit outside the restaurant. In addition, it is more important than ever to only smoke in designated areas.
  • Please keep in mind that most of the shuttle companies that take guests from the airport to the property are currently suspended. For specific questions about getting to and from Grand Timber, please reach out to our Concierge department.
  • In addition to booking shuttles, our Concierge department is happy to book a fun excursion during your stay. I highly recommend the scenic train ride if you are staying here in late summer or autumn. This open-air experience takes you though the mountains with some of the best views in the continental U.S. There is also a bar on the train that serves adult beverages.
  • Join BGV for World Clean Up day on September 21! Stop by the Blue River Plaza any time between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. to grab supplies and clean up Breckenridge at your own pace. Masks are required. Bring water, snacks and gloves if you have them. There will also be a raffle for goodies! RSVP here.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make Grand Timber Lodge a better place for you and your family. You may always send ideas to for consideration!

Eli Yoder
Grand Timber Lodge, Assistant General Manager