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Letter from the General Manager

Happy New Year from your family at Grand Timber Lodge!

What a journey it has been since we last said those words. The year 2020 is more likely to become an adjective than to be forgotten by any of us. It is easy to recount the challenges and hardships that we have experienced, but we also find ourselves incredibly grateful for all that 2020 has brought. Never before have we had a greater appreciation for our friends, family, and those who offer us support. A phone call or text can bring brightness to the day unlike ever before.

At Grand Timber Lodge, we can almost see the stress lift off your shoulders when you check in, regardless of whether you are here for a week or just a day. Vacations this year have looked different than they have in the past. We know that an ideal vacation does not involve wearing a mask or making a reservation to use the hot tub at a certain time, but we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who have helped us adapt and evolve so we can all continue to enjoy moments of serenity.

The year 2021 brings us hope and optimism for what lies ahead. We cannot guess what this year may hold, but we remain committed to your safety and will continue the BGV Shines protocols as long as necessary to ensure that you are able to experience a Grand vacation in the year ahead.

Josh Stuhr
Grand Timber Lodge, General Manager