Grand Timber Lodge Property Information- September

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from your family in Breckenridge!

The evolution of summer to fall is a beautiful time in Colorado. The colors of the changing aspen trees along with the snowcapped peaks are absolutely breathtaking. If you are here in late September, make sure to check out the world-class Oktoberfest. This year celebrates the 26th anniversary of the Breckenridge Oktoberfest. Bring your lederhosen and dirndls, and come ready to celebrate Bavarian culture and Bier! This year’s event will take place from 9/23-9/25. Please click here for more information.

Earlier this year, we made changes to our Electric Vehicle pricing policy. It has been very positive for the HOA, and we appreciate your commitment to our continued improvements to this process. Over the past several months, we have experienced increased demand for our EV charging stations on our property and see a need to implement an additional policy to ensure we can provide access to our charging stations for everyone that needs to use them. Beginning October first, we will introduce an idling policy to encourage EV owners to move their vehicles when they are done charging, so others may have the opportunity to charge their vehicles. This practice is standard at other EV stations across the nation. We will begin charging Electric Vehicle owners $.50 cents per minute after their vehicle is done charging and remains parked in an EV charging space. Don’t worry – you’ll have a 30-minute grace period to come and move your vehicle. The ChargePoint app will make this very easy to remember and will kindly remind you that your charging time is almost up so you can plan accordingly. We believe this change will benefit our many owners and guests who are seeking to charge their vehicles and will provide an equal opportunity for all EV owners.

Here is what has been going on around the property:

  • In preparation for the winter, we have been doing extensive testing and repairs on our snowmelt system. Thank you for your patience if you have noticed the construction going on around the property. We are confident that we will have a properly working system in the winter season.
  • We have begun remodeling the building six locker rooms. With this, the Mens’ Womens’ and Family locker rooms and restrooms will get a substantial overhaul. The new look and feel will match what we have completed in the locker rooms in buildings one and five over the past two years. We are excited to have this project completed in preparation for the ski season.
  • Please pardon our construction presence on the property as we work to complete the window installation project in building five. Once this is completed, we will have new windows and balcony doors in every unit in buildings one through five. We will continue to work through the remaining three buildings over the next few years.
  • As the first step of our Fitness Center upgrades, we replaced the stationary bike that was in there with a brand-new Peloton bike. If you have an existing Peloton membership, you can log into it. If you do not have an existing Peloton membership, you can simply create an account when you use the bike. We will be replacing the rest of the cardio equipment over the next couple of months.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make Grand Timber Lodge a better place for you and your family.  You may always send ideas to for consideration!

Eli Yoder
Grand Timber Lodge, Assistant General Manager