Grand Timber Lodge Property Information: May

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from your family in Breckenridge!

May is such a beautiful time of year in Breckenridge. While the snow may or may not have melted, the natural scenery is still stunning, with lush green forests and colorful wildflowers blooming. Owners and guests can go hiking or biking on the many trails that have dried out or enjoy a scenic drive through the mountains. Fishing and whitewater rafting are also popular in the area during spring. Additionally, spring is a great time to visit the downtown area’s restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Overall, May is a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy the outdoors and experience the charm of a mountain town when it is not so crowded.

Here is what is going on around the property:

  • We have begun our spring blocks. This time of year, we shut down each building for a week to allow our staff to conduct deep cleaning as well as a number of projects that are hard to get to while we are fully booked. Look for more updates in the coming months once the spring blocks are completed.
  • In addition to the units, we strongly focus on maintaining the common areas, including deep cleaning and restriping the garages and keeping up with exterior maintenance.
  • Now that the gondola is shut down but the ski resort is still open, we are extending our shuttle stops to take guests to and from the base of peak 7. This will continue as long as the mountain stays open.
  • Please remember that many restaurants are closed down or have limited hours this time of year. Please see our concierge for an updated list of what is open.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on making Grand Timber Lodge a better place for you and your family.  You may always send ideas to for consideration!

Eli Yoder
Grand Timber Lodge, Assistant General Manager

Important Owner Reminder

Some of our valued BGV owners have recently reported unsolicited cold calls, letters, and emails from companies offering fractional real estate ownership exit options. Unfortunately, some of these companies are not legitimate, so we encourage you to promptly report any suspicious forms of communication to BGV’s Accounts Receivable Management Team at 888-783-8883 Ext. 3048.

 Here are some basic indicators and tips from the Colorado State Attorney General’s Office to help protect you from potential scams:

  1. You receive unsolicited offers with promises such as, but not limited to “We have a buyer for your ownership” or “We guarantee you will make a large profit on the sale.”
  2. The reseller or transfer company only uses a PO box or other mail forwarding service and won’t provide a physical address.
  3. You are asked to make an immediate and/or up-front payment by wire transfer, money order, or prepaid gift or money card.
  4. Refuse to pay for appraisals, inspections, or other services – scammers use these to avoid state prohibitions on collecting up-front fees and these services are rarely needed to complete an ownership resale or transfer.
  5. The offer suggests an upcoming significant increase in association dues, or other expense increases.
  6. Be wary of any solicitation or offer of purchase that requires you to use a resale, transfer, or escrow company of the buyer’s choice.

 We recognize that there are times when an owner needs to exit their fractional real estate ownership, and are pleased to offer the following safe and responsible exit resources: In addition, please feel free to contact BGV’s Accounts Receivable Management Team at 888-783-8883 Ext. 3048 if you need further assistance.