If you own multiple of the same sized unit you are allowed to book your weeks consecutively on the booking day. For example, if you own two Spring/Fall master units you may log in or call on the week 40 booking day and book weeks 40 and 41. To do this follow these steps:

Please note that this recording was taken in a test environment. There may be minor differences from the owner experience.

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  • Log In To Grand Central

    • Visit your Owner Portal (Grand Central)
    • Log in with your Username and Password under Existing User Login
    • If you need help registering, visit How To: Register for Grand Central

  • Reservations, Book Owner Week

    • At the top of your screen, hover over the Reservations tab, then click Book Owner Week

  • Select Resort and Season

    • Your resorts will be listed as tabs. Select the resort you are looking to book.
    • There will be a button with the season and year available to book. Click the season and year you would like to book.

  • Current Booking Week Availability

    • The Current Booking Week Availability will be displayed automatically to facilitate quick bookings on busy mornings.
    • In this example, this owner owns two master units and is logging in on the week 40 booking day to book weeks 40 and 41.
    • Select your preferred check-in date, click Reserve

  • Extend Reservation

    • When the pop-up appears, select Book More to book your second week.
    • You will see your first week on hold. Next to this, there is a button that says Extend. Click Extend to book your second week.
    • If you own additional weeks in the same unit size, repeat this process.

  • Check Out

    • Your selected reservations will be placed on a 14-minute hold.
    • Select Check Out to proceed with your booking.
    • Your Reservation Details will be displayed.
      • Review your reservation
      • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
      • Add any amenities and additional requests.
    • Select Continue to proceed with your bookings.

  • Finalize Reservations

    • Review your reservations.
    • Select Complete Reservations to finalize your bookings.

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