Bóvedas de Santa Clara

One question I often get as an Interval International Liaison is, “What kind of resorts do you have in South America?” I figure people ask this question out of concern about the quality of resorts in countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. My answer is always the same: The best kind!

Although you won’t find many rated resorts in South America, with Interval International you will find that many of these resorts are on par with many Elite-rated resorts in the US. A Grand example of this is Bóvedas de Santa Clara (BOV) in Cartagena, Colombia. BOV is a resort with classic architecture and ultra modern interior decorations. Located only two blocks from the historic Santa Clara Beach, it is one of my favorite “go-to” places when I’m helping customers find tropical destinations for winter escapes. Did I mention it’s only six miles from the airport? If you’re interested in checking out this resort or other comparable places in South America, call your Breckenridge Interval International Liaison Team. They’ll be happy to give you more information!

Sebastián San Miguel Bauzá