Interval International

Resort Name: Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans

Resort Rating: Premier

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Check-in Day: Every day

Nearest Airport: MSY, 14 miles

As summer quickly transitions to fall, our owners are looking to warm up and fill up with their vacation plans. Holiday Inn Club Vacations in the French Quarter is offering a fantastic exchange option for Interval members looking to experience the vibrant culture and history of New Orleans. The resort’s prime location, just two blocks from Bourbon Street, provides easy access to the city’s famous jazz music, cocktails, and delectable seafood.

The resort is situated within the refurbished 1893 Hennen Building, New Orleans’ first skyscraper, adding an extra layer of historical charm to the stay. The rooftop deck with a dipping pool offers a relaxing spot to unwind after exploring the city and enjoying its various attractions.

For history enthusiasts, the proximity of the National World War II History Museum is a definite plus. The museum’s exhibits, architecture, and air conditioning make it an appealing destination, particularly during the bayou’s warm weather.

Frenchman Street’s vibrant atmosphere and jazz performances provide a must-do experience for any visitor to New Orleans. Exploring the local cuisine, including oysters and po’boys, while listening to talented jazz musicians is a quintessential New Orleans experience. And if you’re drawn to the lively ambiance of Bourbon Street, Pat O’Brien’s Courtyard offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and culinary delights. Verti Marte also offers the All That Jazz po’boy for delectable variety. 

To top it off, the mention of the rotating Carousel Bar and Lounge at the Hotel Monteleone adds an intriguing touch to the experience. Enjoying a mid-day Negroni just a few blocks from the Holiday Inn Vacation Club adds another layer of convenience and unique guest experiences.

Overall, the resort offers a well-rounded experience for travelers seeking to enjoy the best of New Orleans, from its rich history and music scene to its iconic cocktails and cuisine.